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Online 2V0-731 free questions and answers of New Version:

The machine prefix infra_server_ was created for the IT business group. The machines being provisioned are named IT0001, IT0002, etc.
Which option could account for this behavior?

  • A. The requestor was NOT a member of the Group Manager Role.
  • B. The IT business group does NOT have a Default Machine Prefix defined.
  • C. Another machine prefix was assigned to the endpoint.
  • D. The machine prefix was NOT enable

Answer: C

Which vCloud Air authorization level is required to add vCloud Air as an Endpoint in vRealize Automation?

  • A. VPC User
  • B. End User Role
  • C. Read-only Administrator
  • D. Virtual Infrastructure Administrator

Answer: D

In the vRealize Orchestrator client, where can an administrator view the workflow and repair validation errors?

  • A. Run tab in workflow editor
  • B. Validation tab in workflow editor
  • C. Workflow tab in workflow editor
  • D. Schema tab in workflow editor

Answer: D

Which of the following vRealize Automation Roles is required to create and manage Reservations and Reservation Policies?

  • A. Tenant Administrator
  • B. IaaS Administrator
  • C. System Administrator
  • D. Fabric Administrator

Answer: D

A business group has multiple reservations containing devices that support NetApp FlexClone as well as traditional vSphere datastores.
How can an administrator ensure that certain virtual machines are provisioned using the FlexClone devices?

  • A. Create a property group for the FlexClone devices.
  • B. Create a storage reservation policy for the FlexClone devices.
  • C. Create a storage profile for the FlexClone devices.
  • D. Create the reservations for the FlexClone devices with a high priorit

Answer: D

Which option is required for vRealize Automation to integrate with VMware NSX?

  • A. vRealize Automation NSX Plug-In
  • B. vRealize Orchestrator SOAP Plug-In
  • C. vRealize Orchestrator NSX Plug-In
  • D. vRealize Orchestrator vSphere Plug-In

Answer: C

Which two IIS authentication settings must be enabled on the vRealize Automation IaaS web server? (Choose two.)

  • A. Negotiate Provider
  • B. Windows Authentication Kernel Mode
  • C. Windows Authentication Extended Protection
  • D. Anonymous Authentication

Answer: AB

A vRealize Automation Tenant Administrator has identified a virtual machine with low resource utilization. The owner has been given 5 days to respond to the reclamation request. The blueprint used to build the virtual machine has an archive period days and there are 21 days left in the original machine lease.
If the owner responds today confirming the virtual machine is no longer needed, how many days will elapse before the virtual machine is destroyed?

  • A. 10 days
  • B. 31 days
  • C. 21 days
  • D. Today

Answer: A

After failing a distributed installation using the installation wizard, which option would permit an administrator to roll back and attempt the installation again?

  • A. Reboot the vRealize Automation appliance.
  • B. Revert to the snapshots taken during the installation process.
  • C. The installation will restart automatically
  • D. Select the rollback option provided in the wizard at the time of the failur

Answer: B

Which are three valid scenarios based on the image? (Choose three.)
2V0-731 dumps exhibit

  • A. The subscriptions will be run based on priority in ascending order.
  • B. The priority helps to run the subscriptions in a deterministic order.
  • C. There is no default timeout value.
  • D. The default timeout is 5 minutes.
  • E. Priority and timeout values are needed for subscription blockin

Answer: ADE

An administrator is creating a new business group with the following requirements: IT_Supervisors@vclass.local will need to be able to provision on behalf of users within the group. IT_Managers@vclass.local will need to be able to configure entitlements only for this group.
Which two options below will minimally accommodate this design without providing additional privileges? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add the following to the Support role: IT_Supervisors@vclass.local
  • B. Add the following to the Group Manager role: IT_Managers@vclass.local
  • C. Add the following to the Tenant Administrator role: IT_Managers@vclass.local
  • D. Add the following to the Group Manager role: IT_Managers@vclass.local, IT_Supervisors@vclass.local

Answer: AB

An external vRealize Orchestrator is being configured to automate items in vRealize Automation. The plug-in is installed, but an administrator is still unable to automate items in vRA.
Which two items below will enable vRO to automate items in vRA, including aspects of laaS? (Choose two.)

  • A. Add an IaaS host to vRO using the workflow.
  • B. Edit the plug-in interface to add the vRA host information.
  • C. Add a vRO endpoint in vRA.
  • D. Add a vRA host to vRO using the workflo

Answer: AC

Which two requirements allow vRealize Automation to integrate with vCloud Air via web proxy? (Choose two.)

  • A. DEM Worker is configured for internet access via the proxy.
  • B. vCloud Air endpoint has been configured to use the DEM worker set as the proxy.
  • C. vCloud Air endpoint has been configured to use the proxy server hostname.
  • D. vCloud Air proxy agent is configured for internet access.

Answer: CD

How would an administrator allow an approver to modify a request?

  • A. Create a custom XaaS form and assign it to the approval policy.
  • B. Apply a custom property to the approval for the desired attribute.
  • C. Use a custom action to enable the feature for the approving user.
  • D. Add a custom property to the virtual machine blueprint specifying the approve

Answer: B

Which two areas of the vRealize Automation User Interface could a Fabric Administrator examine to determine current consumption of compute and storage resources? (Choose two.)

  • A. Infrastructure > Compute Resources
  • B. Infrastructure > Reservation Policies
  • C. Home
  • D. Administration > Business Groups

Answer: AD

What is required before an XaaS blueprint can provision a vSphere virtual machine?

  • A. A vRealize Automation endpoint for vSphere
  • B. A vRealize Automation Plug-In for vRealize Orchestrator
  • C. A vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vCenter Server as an endpoint
  • D. A vRealize Orchestrator reservation for vSphere

Answer: A

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