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vRealize Operations needs to be configured to point to an external vRealize Orchestrator server that has been configured to use default ports.
Which port would be used for this configuration?

  • A. 8080
  • B. 9443
  • C. 8281
  • D. 8283

Answer: C

A new catalog item was added to an existing service named DMZServers, but it is NOT appearing in the
catalog. All of the other items in the service appear correctly. Which of the following would explain this behavior?

  • A. The entitlement needs to be reactivated.
  • B. The catalog item still requires actions to be associated.
  • C. The catalog items were assigned to the entitlement individually.
  • D. There is an approval policy on the entitlemen

Answer: D

An administrator requires a range of static IP addresses that can be used for provisioning machines on an existing network.
What action needs to be completed?

  • A. Create a NAT network profile.
  • B. Create a routed network profile.
  • C. Create an external network profile.
  • D. Create a network reservation policy.

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Automation/7.3/com.vmware.vra.prepare.use.doc/GUID-B6E703B8- 6F46

What is a prerequisite for a vSphere endpoint named vCenter?

  • A. A guest agent named vCenter has been installed.
  • B. An account with administrator privileges in vCenter.
  • C. A new tenant has been created.
  • D. A DEM worker named vCenter has been installe

Answer: B

An approval policy has been created for use with a catalog item named CentOSWeb. The item is assigned to the LinuxServers service which is included in the current entitlement. The approval policy should NOT be triggered for any of the other current or future items in the LinuxServers service.
Which three steps would assign the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item and produce the minimum number of entitlements? (Choose three.)

  • A. Create a new entitlement.
  • B. Confirm that the entitlement is active.
  • C. Add the CentOSWeb item to the entitlement under Entitled Items.
  • D. Add the approval policy to the CentOSWeb item.
  • E. Add the LinuxServers service under Entitled Service

Answer: BCD

When an administrator attempts to create a vSphere reservation for a business group, the compute resources drop-down menu is blank.
Which option best explains this behavior?

  • A. The business group already has a reservation with the same compute resources.
  • B. The compute resources have been assigned to multiple tenants.
  • C. The compute resources have already been used in other reservations.
  • D. The user has NOT been assigned the Fabric Administrator rol

Answer: B

Which two items are required for an administrator to successfully create a vSphere reservation? (Choose two.)

  • A. A reservation policy
  • B. A business group
  • C. A compute resource
  • D. A network profile

Answer: BC

An Infrastructure Architect in vRealize Automation has created a new blueprint and would like to share it with other users.
Which two other roles would this user need to satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Catalog Administrator
  • B. Business Group Manager
  • C. Approval Administrator
  • D. Fabric Administrator

Answer: AD

When adding an Active Directory Identity Source, which two fields are required? (Choose two.)

  • A. Login User DN
  • B. URL
  • C. Domain alias
  • D. Active Directory Domain Controller Name

Answer: AC

What is the correct method for adjusting an existing approval policy that is assigned?

  • A. Edit the existing policy and update the policy version number.
  • B. Copy the policy, edit the copy, and assign the new copy of the policy.
  • C. Create a new policy, delete the old policy, then assign the new policy.
  • D. Export the policy, edit in an XML editor, and import the polic

Answer: B

Where would you find the workitem.xml file located after deploying a virtual machine with the guest agent installed in a vRealize Automation Linux blueprint?

  • A. /usr/share/gugent/site
  • B. /tmp
  • C. /var/share/gugent
  • D. /opt/vmware-appdirector/agent

Answer: A

What are the two possible metric sources for compute resource statistics in vRealize Automation Reclamation
> Tenant Machines? (Choose two.)

  • A. vRealize Operations
  • B. VMtools agent
  • C. vRealize Automation agent
  • D. vCenter

Answer: AC

Which three options will ensure that all machines deployed by the finance business group have the same Distributed Firewall rules? (Choose three.)

  • A. Using Service Composer, create a Security Policy named Finance with the firewall rules.
  • B. Using Service Composer, create a Security Group named Finance based on machine name and specify the Finance Groups Machine Prefix.
  • C. Using Service Composer, assign the Finance Security Policy to the Finance Security Group.
  • D. Using the Distributed Firewall, create a Security Policy named Finance with the firewall rules.
  • E. Using the Distributed Firewall, create a Security Group named Finance based on machine name and specify the Finance Groups Machine Prefix.

Answer: ABC

Users are reporting that a catalog item is no longer available after recent changes. Which of the following would account for this behavior?

  • A. An approval policy was assigned to the item.
  • B. The storage resources on the reservation were lowered.
  • C. The blueprint was unpublished.
  • D. New support users were added to the business grou

Answer: C

A business group has been assigned a 10 TB storage reservation.
Which option best describes the effect on virtual machines provisioned from this business group?

  • A. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for each virtual machine in the business group.
  • B. The virtual machines will be provisioned up to 10 TB total for the group, provided there is free storage capacity.
  • C. 10 TB of storage has been pre-allocated for the virtual machines in the business group to share.
  • D. Virtual machines provisioned from other business groups will NOT be able use the 10 TB in this reservatio

Answer: C

A tenant has requested a custom message in the vRealize Automation console. What role is required to make this change?

  • A. system administrator
  • B. tenant administrator
  • C. business group manager
  • D. support user

Answer: B

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