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Q11. Where does User Environment Manager store the Flex Configuration files?

A. In local client folder to which the users have at least Read access rights.

B. On a network share to which the users have at least Write access rights.

C. In a local client folder to which the users have at least Write access rights.

D. On a network share to which the users have at least Read access rights.

Answer: D


Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/uem-91/index.jsp#com.vmware.user.environment.manager-install-config/GUID-9F060F1C- DF57-4227-876E-D694B27C5379.html

Q12. An Administrator has started a push-image operation at the start of the work day while clone creation is in progress. The security team has discovered an issue with the new image being pushed out. It has been requested to cancel the push-image operation immediately; however, clones that have the new image remain in the pool and the pool now has a mix of clones.

What must the administrator do to ensure that all the clones in the pool have the same image?

A. Notify all users to log out of their current session and log back in.

B. Stop the push image operation and recompose the image.

C. Remove all the clones. View recreates the clones with the same image.

D. ClickStart > Run, type services.msc, and clickOK. From the list of services, right-click the VMware View Connection Server or VMware View Security Server service and selectRestart.

Answer: D

Q13. One of the datastores containing a manual desktop pool is running out of disk space and an administrator adds a second datastore.

Which operation should the administrator perform to resolve the issue?

A. Rebalance

B. Recompose

C. Storage vMotion

D. Refresh

Answer: B

Q14. Before configuring SAML authentication to work with True Single Sign-On, which two prerequisites must be met? (Choose two.)

A. Configure SAML authenticator to use self-signed certificates.

B. The root certificate for the SAML server is installed.

C. Install and configure VMware Identity Manager.

D. Single sign-on is disabled as a global setting.

Answer: B,C

Q15. Which three configuration consoles are available in the VMware Identity Manager administrator? (Choose three.)

A. Identity Manager Admin Console

B. Connector Services Admin

C. Policy Management Console

D. Application Management Console

E. Appliance Configurator

Answer: A,B,E


Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/vidm-24/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vidm-24- install.pdf

Q16. How many ESXi hosts may receive vSphere Desktop licenses if three 100-seat View Standard bundles are purchased?

A. An unlimited number of ESXi hosts.

B. Up to 150 dual-socket ESXi hosts.

C. Up to three dual-socket ESXi hosts.

D. None, Horizon Standard does not include vSphere Desktop licenses.

Answer: B

Q17. When replacing the default self-signed SSL certificate in a newly-installed VMware Mirage Server with a signed certificate, which certificate store should the signed certificate be placed in?

A. Certificates(Local Computer)>Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates

B. Certificates(Local User)>Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates

C. Certificates(Local User)> Enterprise Trust

D. Certificates(Local Computer)> Personal > Certificates

Answer: A

Q18. In VMware Mirage, the Minimal Restore set of files generally includes what three types of files? (Choose three.)

A. Kernel DLLs.

B. Driver store.

C. Keyboard layout.

D. Antivirus and firewall applications.

E. Organization VPN.

Answer: B,D,E


Referencehttp://pubs.vmware.com/horizonmirage-43/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.horizonmirage.admin.doc%2FGUID-02BC03C1- 591E-4971-86DE-0760630AA3CB.html

Q19. An Access Policy is configured to do what activity in VMware Identity Manager?

A. Determine access to the Identity Manager Administration interface.

B. Provide secure access to the users’ apps portal and to launch the Web application.

C. Provide secure access for the VMware Identity Manager Connector service.

D. Determine which Active Directory groups are to be synchronized with the VMware Identity Manager Connector service.

Answer: B



Q20. Which three tools are recommended to analyze End User Requirements for performance before implementing View? (Choose three.)

A. Wireshark PCoIP protocol assessment

B. Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware

C. Nmap display protocol port analysis

D. Liquid Labs Stratusphere FIT assessment

E. VMware’s free SysTrack Desktop Assessment

Answer: C,D,E