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Q2. How can all available views be accessed in vRealize Operations? (Choose the best answer.)

A. From the Reports tab under Content

B. From the Home tab under Views

C. From the Administration tab under Global Settings

D. From the Content tab under Views

Answer: D



Q3. Once a super metric is created, what is required in order for it to be calculated and available for use? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Ensure the Enable check box in the super metric creation pop-up window is selected

B. Assign it to one or more object types, then enable it in one or more policies

C. Assign it to one or more user groups so that members can use it

D. Add it to one or more custom groups and/or application definitions

Answer: B



Q4. A user is attempting to troubleshoot a cluster the predefined dashboards.

Which dashboard provides information about the virtual machines that generated the highest IOPS and network throughput during the last week for a given cluster? (Choose the best answer.)

A. VM Usage dashboard

B. VM Configuration dashboard

C. Heavy Hitter VMs dashboard

D. Troubleshoot a VM dashboard

Answer: C



Q5. Which two badges are Risk sub-badges? (Choose two.)

A. The Fault badge

B. The Capacity Remaining badge

C. The Anomaly badge

D. The stress badge

E. The Workload badge

Answer: BD

Explanation: Reference:

Q6. What are three actions that are managed in the Policies section of vRealize Operations? (Choose three.)

A. Modify the CPU demand value in a custom profile

B. Modify the level above which the Faults badge will be read

C. Determine which resources are included in workload calculations

D. Set the virtual CPU to physical CPU overcommit ratio to use in capacity calculations

E. Enable the calculation of capacity metrics and badges

Answer: CDE

Q7. View the exhibit.

As shown in the exhibit, with a wait Cycle of 2 and a Cancel Cycle of 1, when will the alert be triggered by default?

A. 10 minutes

B. 5 minutes

C. 2 minutes

D. 1 minute

Answer: A



Q8. View the Exhibit

In the widget Reference:d in the exhibit, how would a user find available dashboard transitions? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Right-click this selected object:

B. Click this icon:

C. Click this icon:

D. Click this icon:

Answer: D



Q9. Endpoint Operations agent plug-ins for application monitoring (such as MS SQL, IIS, Apache) are included with which vRealize Operations licensing? (Choose the best answer.)

A. vRealize Operations Enterprise

B. vRealize Operations Standard

C. vSphere with Operations Manager

D. vRealize Operations Advanced

Answer: C

Explanation: Reference:

Q10. Which is the name of the file that can be created to contain property values for agents to use during deployment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. epops.cfg



D. agent.conf

Answer: B



Q11. Which process can help reduce resource over-allocation in the environment? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Investigating and acting upon the u2021Virtual Machine quest file systems are running out of disk spaceu2021 alerts

B. Investigating and acting upon the vSphere Hardening alerts

C. Running the Network Traffic by VM report and taking action based on this data

D. Running the Oversized VM report and taking action based on this data

Answer: D

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