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2021 Mar 300-075 exam answers

Q31. Which statement best describes globalized call routing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. All incoming calling numbers on the phones are displayed as an E.164 with the + prefix. 

B. Call routing is based on numbers represented as an E.164 with the + prefix format. 

C. All called numbers sent out to the PSTN are in E.164 with the + prefix format. 

D. The CSS of all phones contain partitions assigned to route patterns that are in global format. 

E. All phone directory numbers are configured as an E.164 with the + prefix. 



Incorrect Answer: A, C, D, E For the destination to be represented in a global form common to all cases, we must adopt a global form of the destination number from which all local forms can be derived. The + sign is the mechanism used by the ITU's E.164 recommendation to represent any PSTN number in a global, unique way. This form is sometimes referred to as a fully qualified PSTN number. Link: 

Q32. Which three options are overlapping parameters for roaming when a device is configured for Device Mobility? (Choose three.) 


B. location 

C. network locale 

D. codec 

E. extension 

F. device pool 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q33. Which device is needed to integrate H.320 into the Cisco video solution? 

A. video gateway 

B. MGCP gateway 

C. H.323 gatekeeper 




Incorrect Answer: A, B, D As with H.323 MCUs, H.320 gateways are provisioned in Cisco Unified CallManager as H.323 gateways, and then route patterns are configured to extend calls to these devices. 


Q34. In a Cisco Unified Communications Manager centralized call processing model, what is the best CAC method recommended for this type of deployment? 

A. QoS-based 

B. location-based 

C. RSVP-based 

D. region-based 

E. gateway-based 

F. gatekeeper-based 


Q35. In what Cisco solution is Simple Network-Enabled Auto Provision technology used? 

A. Cisco Unified Gateway Duplication 

B. Cisco Unified CallManager Redundancy 

C. Cisco Unified SRST 

D. Cisco Unified Call Survivability 



Incorrect Answer: A, B, D When the system automatically detects a failure, Cisco Unified SRST uses Simple Network Auto Provisioning (SNAP) technology to auto-configure a branch office router to provide call processing for the Cisco Unified IP phones that are registered with the router Link: st.html 

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Q36. Which system configuration is used to set a restriction on audio bandwidth? 

A. region 

B. location 

C. physical location 

D. licensing 


Q37. Which two configurations can you perform to allow Cisco Unified Communications Manager SIP trunks to send an offer in the INVITE? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable the Media Termination Point Required option on the SIP trunk. 

B. Enable the Early Offer Support for Voice and Video Calls option on the SIP profile. 

C. Select the Display IE Delivery check box in the gateway configuration. 

D. Select the Enable Inbound FastStart check box on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. 

E. Select the SRTP Allowed check box on the SIP trunk. 

F. Execute the isdn switch-type primary-ni command globally. 

Answer: A,B 

Q38. For which VoIP protocol does a gatekeeper provide address translation and control access? 

A. H.323 


C. Skinny 

D. H.248 


Q39. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which configuration change is needed to enable NANP international dialing during MGCP fallback? 

A. Change the dial peer to dial-peer voice 901 voip. 

B. Change the dial peer to dial-peer voice 9011 pots. 

C. Add the command prefix 011 to the dial peer. 

D. Add the command prefix 9011 to the dial peer. 


Q40. In the case of a VCS cluster, which configuration element is recommended for endpoint H.323 registration? 

A. DNS SRV records pointing to the VCS cluster name 

B. static IP addresses 

C. hostname of the VCS cluster configuration master 

D. hostname of the VCS cluster member peer