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Q21. Which four items are needed to provision a user for Cisco Unified Presence? (Choose four.) 

A. Client Services Framework device 

B. directory number 

C. mobility information 

D. voicemail account 

E. assign user to Cisco Unified Presence node 

F. UC service 

G. service profile 

Answer: A,E,F,G 

Q22. A user has reported that keys pressed when accessing Cisco Unity Express are not being acknowledged by the system. This configuration is found on the voice-enabled IOS router: 

dial-peer voice 6800 voip destination-pattern 5... 

session protocol sipv2 

session target ipv4: 

codec g711ulaw 

no vad 

Which configuration command is needed to complete the configuration and solve the problem? 

A. dtmf-relay sip-notify 

B. dtmf-relay rtp-nte 

C. dtmf-relay cisco-rtp 

D. dtmf-relay h245-signal 


Q23. Which three steps are necessary to configure Cisco VCS and TMS to support provisioning functionalities? (Choose three.) 

A. Activate LDAP synchronization on the VCS server to authenticate the end users. 

B. Activate provisioning by installing the Device Provisioning option key on the VCS. 

C. Create groups, users, and assign configuration templates and schemas to the groups on the Cisco TMS. 

D. Install FindME licenses on the Cisco TMS. 

E. Configure phone book sources. 

F. Configure a neighbor zone on VCS pointing to the TSMPE. 

G. Configure the authentication policy on VCS for zones and subzones to "Do not Check Credentials". 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q24. Which two protocols allow Cisco TMS to manage an EX60 endpoint? (Choose two.) 

A. H.323 






Answer: B,E 

Q25. What does the Primary Extension column define when importing users? 

A. the main extension that callers dial to reach a user 

B. the pilot number that is used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express to access Cisco Unity Express 

C. the mailbox ID that is assigned by Cisco Unity Express during import 

D. the primary extension that is to be used for CFNA and CFB 


Q26. Which of the following is an option for using security when setting up a TMS conference? 

A. if possible 

B. Secure 

C. Best effort 

D. Mandatory 


Q27. Which type of video service does Cisco Unity Connection use to provide video services? 

A. multipoint control unit 

B. video control services 

C. conductor 

D. Cisco Presence Service 

E. MediaSense 


Q28. What is the maximum number of users that can be imported into Cisco Unity Express from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express at one time? 

A. 200 

B. 100 

C. 500 

D. 50 


Q29. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator status has the user selected? 

A. Available 

B. Do Not Disturb 

C. Away 

D. In a Meeting 

E. Out of Office 


Q30. In which two locations do you configure UDS contact lookups for Jabber clients? (Choose two.) 

A. LDAP directory 

B. enterprise parameters 

C. jabber-config.xml 

D. service parameters 

E. directory profile 

F. user device profiles 

G. call pickup group 

H. security 

Answer: C,E