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New LPI 300-100 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. What is the NetBIOS equivalent of an /etc/hosts file, equating an IP address to a system NetBIOS name. (Specify only the file name without any path)


lmhosts, LMHOSTS

Q2. When integrating Samba and OpenLDAP, what schema needs to be included in the OpenLDAP slapd.conf?

A. samba.schema

B. windows.schema

C. java.schema

D. microsoft.schema

E. nis.schema

Answer: A

Q3. The ___ command, included with OpenLDAP, will generate password hashes suitable for use in slapd.conf. (Enter the command with no options or parameters)



Q4. Which of the following are true for CIFS? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. Filenames can be in any character set.

B. Filenames can have a maximum length of 127 characters.

C. Unlike SMB, CIFS is not optimized for slow network connections.

D. Opportunistic Locks are supported.

Answer: AD

Q5. Which of the following commands executes a recursive download of the src share located in a Samba server named SOURCES, assuming that this server allows anonymous users?

A. smbget -R smB. //sources/src

B. wget -R smB. //sources/src

C. curl -R cifs: //sources/src

D. smbmirror //sources/src

Answer: A

Q6. Which of the following commands sets up Samba 4 as an Active Domain Directory Controller for a new domain?

A. samldap-domainadd

B. net ads prepare domain

C. smbcontrol dcpromo

D. samba-tool domain provision

Answer: D

Q7. Which of the following options can be used to limit access to a share? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. untrusted users

B. write list

C. valid users

D. valid groups

E. accept list

Answer: BC

Q8. Beginning with Windows 2000, by default, Windows requires that passwords on your Samba server:

A. do not exceed 32 characters.

B. contain both numbers and letters.

C. are encrypted.

D. are changed every 30 days.

Answer: C

Q9. How can the risk of UID/GID inconsistencies be avoided across UNIX/Linux systems that are sharing information over protocols other than SMB/CIFS (eg: NFS)?

A. Specify a common OpenLDAP idmap backend in smb.conf.

B. Specify a common Kerberos realm in smb.conf.

C. Specify a common domain name in smb.conf.

D. Specify a common password server in smb.conf.

E. Specify a common winbind ID range in smb.conf.

Answer: A

Q10. OpenLDAP can be secured by which of these options? (Select THREE correct choices)

A. TLS (Transport Layer Security)

B. ACLs (Access Control Lists)

C. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)

D. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

E. OSI-L2 (OSI Layer 2 encryption)

Answer: ABD

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