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New LPI 300-100 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

Question No: 6

What is true regarding the users listed in the option write list in a share declaration?

A. All users listed in write list can write to the share no matter of the Linux file systems permissions of the share.

B. Given sufficient Linux file system permissions, all users listed in the write list are allowed to write to the share.

C. In case read only = yes is set for the share, even the users in write list are denied write access to the share.

D. Given sufficient Linux file systems permissions, only those users listed in write list can write to the share that are listed in read list too.

Answer: B

Question No: 7

Which files store printer and driver properties created on the server?

A. ntprinters.tdb and ntdrivers.tdb

B. printers.tdb and drivers.tdb

C. printforms.tdb and ntprinters.tdb

D. printers.tdb and spooler.tdb

E. print_spool.tdb and ntdrivers.tdb

Answer: A

Question No: 8

By configuring Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) and Name Service Switch (NSS) technologies to use OpenLDAP, what authentication service can be replaced?

A. Microsoft NT Domain

B. Samba

C. Network Information Service (NIS)

D. Active Directory (AD)

Answer: C

Question No: 9

Select which groups must map to UNIX GIDs on a Samba server operating as a PDC. (Select TWO correct answers.)

A. Domain Root

B. Domain Users

C. Domain Guests

D. Domain Controllers

E. Domain Operators

Answer: BC

Question No: 10

Which port must be open in a firewall to allow access to the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server running on the standard port?



Question No: 11

How is the user user01 from DOMA granted the right to manage printers on a Samba print server?

A. net ads rights 'DOMAuser01' +SePrintOperatorPrivilege

B. net -S server -U domadmin rpc rights grant 'DOMAuser01' SePrintOperatorPrivilege

C. pdbedit --user=user01 -I=DOMA --policies=SePrintOperatorPrivilege

D. pdbedit DOMAuser01 +PrintOperator

E. cupsaddsmb DOMAuser01 +PrintOperator

Answer: B

Question No: 12

Which of the following sub-commands are available for samba-tool dns? (Select TWO correct answers)

A. disable

B. dump

C. query

D. add

E. reverselookup

Answer: CD

Question No: 13

After finishing configuring of a Unix client to authenticate with a Microsoft Active Directory server, login attempts are unsuccessful. Which of the following is most likely the cause?

A. Unix Client support is disabled in the Active Directory configuration.

B. The PAM library is searching the directory with the default search filter.

C. The slapd daemon is not running.

D. The user account in Active Directory has the remote login setting disabled.

Answer: B

Question No: 14

The _____ parameter in smb.conf limits the maximum number of jobs allowed in a Samba printer queue at any given moment.


max print jobs

Question No: 15

Which commands can be used to terminate all running instances of smbd?

A. smbcontrol smbd shutdown

B. smbcontrol nmbd shutdown

C. smbcontrol shutdown

D. smbcontrol samba shutdown

Answer: A

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