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Which of the following are true concerning authentication within a Cisco Unified Computing System?

  • A. Authentication domains are used to leverage individual authentication systems.
  • B. You can create up to 64 authentication domains, each associated with a provider group and realm in Cisco Unified Computing System Manager.
  • C. Cisco Unfiled Computing System supports LDAP or RADIUS for remote authentication.
  • D. A locally authenticated user account is authenticated directly through the fabric interconnect.

Answer: D

Explanation: Reference:

Refer to the exhibit.
300-175 dumps exhibit
What statement is true regarding this setup created by this configuration?

  • A. The NIC bypasses the kernel when sending and receiving networking packets
  • B. The applications interact directly with the OS Kernel
  • C. All of the other vNICs in the server are deleted and replaced by the usnic.

Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.
300-175 dumps exhibit
Which two statements about the fabric interconnect are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The fabric interconnect forwards all broadcast packets on VLAN 311 out of each interface listed in the Membership.
  • B. The fabric interconnect forwards broadcasts on VLAN 311 only when they are received on Po21.
  • C. Without any changes to the switch, eth 1/32 could become the designated receiver for VLAN 311.
  • D. All multicast traffic from a blade on VLAN 311 goes out of Po21.
  • E. IGMP join packets from blades on VLAN 311 goes out Po21.

Answer: BE

Which two Cisco UCS firmware are contained in the Cisco UCS Infrastructure software bundle? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco I/O module firmware
  • B. Cisco UCS IMC
  • C. Cisco UCS BIOS
  • D. Cisco UCS fabric interconnects firmware
  • E. Cisco UCS adapters

Answer: AD

for A, D: "A" BUNDLE
Infrastructure software bundle — This bundle is also called the A bundle. It contains the firmware images that the fabric interconnects, IO Modules, and Cisco UCS Manager require to function.
B-S eries server software bundle — Also called the B bundle, this bundle contains the firmware images that the B-Series blade servers require to function, such as adapter, BIOS, CIMC, and board controller firmware. Release Bundle Contents for Cisco UCS Manager, Release 3.1 provides details about the contents of the BSeries server software bundle.
Reference: b_UCSM_GUI_Firmware_Management_Guide_3_1_chapter_01.html

You are configuring RBAC on a Cisco UCS system. What happens when you assign multiple locales to user?

  • A. Access to denied to all organizations.
  • B. Access is granted to only the first organization that is specific in the locales.
  • C. access is granted to only the first organization that is specified in the locales.
  • D. Access is granted to all organizations that are specifications in the locales.

Answer: D

What is the Overlay Transport Virtualization site VLAN used for?

  • A. to allow multiple site AEDs to communicate with each other
  • B. to detect devices at the site that are not capable of OTV
  • C. to facilitate communications between OTV edge devices within the site
  • D. to allow the join interfaces at different sites to communicate

Answer: C

Which Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server is capable of RAID 5?

  • A. B200
  • B. B250
  • C. B230
  • D. B440

Answer: D

Explanation: B200 2 Bays
B250 2 Bays
B230 2 BaysB440 4 Bays
The only server that could possibly support RAID 5 is the B440 Reference: RAID 5 requires at least 3 disks.

Refer to the exhibit.
300-175 dumps exhibit
How does a server acquire a UUID?

  • A. from the UUID burned into the hardware
  • B. from a UUID pool named derived
  • C. manually by a user when the server boots
  • D. by padding the MAC address with leading zeros

Answer: A

An administrator is testing the Cisco Nexus 1000v switch on top of a Cisco UCS Blade. They realize that the test VM traffic is not marked correctly after it leaves the Cisco UCS B-series blade. What is the reason for seeing this behavior?

  • A. The Cisco UCS does not support QoS marking
  • B. The Cisco UCS QoS policy applied to the blade has the host control set to "none."
  • C. The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches do not support QoS marking.
  • D. The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch QoS marking has not been enabled with "feature gos."

Answer: B

Explanation: Whether UCS controls the CoS for a vNIC or not strictly depends on the Host Control Field of the QoS Policy,
which is assigned to that particular vNIC.
If None is selected, then UCS assigns the CoS value associated with the Priority Class given in the QoS policy. It disregards any of the settings implemented at the host level by the Nexus 1000v.
If Full is selected and the packet has a valid CoS assigned by the Nexus 1000v, then UCS trusts the CoS settings assigned at the host level. Otherwise, Cisco UCS uses the CoS value associated with the priority selected in the Priority drop-down list.
The Milano QoS policy has a Host Control of Full, which means that the Gold Priority (CoS 6) is ignored and the Nexus 1000v setting is trusted.
The correct answer is "The Cisco UCS QoS policy applied to the blade has the host control set to "none." The other answers are not correct, or are not causes for the behavior.

Which option lists the features that are needed to install VMware ESXi on a local drive from an image file?

  • A. Virtual Media and VMFS
  • B. Virtual Media and Virtual KVM
  • C. Virtual Boot and VMFS
  • D. Virtual KVM and Virtual Boot

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference:

300-175 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 300-175 dumps exhibit

    Which statement about the use of RBAC roles in a Cisco UCS system is true?

    • A. RBAC roles define which features are enabled on a Cisco UCS system
    • B. RBAC roles create groups of organizations
    • C. RBAC roles create groups of local users
    • D. RBAC roles define which features users can access.

    Answer: D

    Which two statements about Call Home are true? (Choose two.)

    • A. The virtual IP address of the Cisco UCS Manager in a cluster is the source of the email.
    • B. In a cluster configuration, at least one fabric interconnect must have IP connectivity.
    • C. The fabric interconnect must have IP connectivity to email server or the destination HTTP server
    • D. At least one destination profile must be configured.
    • E. Call Home requires SCP to transfer the files securely.

    Answer: CD

    Which two statements describe the full state type of backup? (Choose two.)

    • A. It is a binary file.
    • B. It cannot be used to restore the system during disaster recovery.
    • C. It can use this file for an import.
    • D. It can be used only on a system that is running the same version as the system from which the backup file was exported.
    • E. It is an XML file.

    Answer: AD

    Which NIC redundancy modes allow the LOMs to be discovered by the operating system or hypervisor?

    • A. Dedicated mode
    • B. Active/Active
    • C. Active/Standby
    • D. Cisco Card Mode

    Answer: A

    When cabling a Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnect to disjoint Layer 2 networks, which option must be considered?

    • A. The fabric interconnect must be in switching mode.
    • B. You must first configure a LAN pin group.
    • C. Each VLAN is allowed across multiple disjoint uplinks.
    • D. Each vNIC can communicate to a single disjoint network.

    Answer: D

    Which two descriptions of a WWN pool are true? (Choose two.)

    • A. a collection of WWNs for use by the iSCSI interfaces in a Cisco UCS instance
    • B. a collection of Ethernet MAC addresses assigned to the Ethernet adapters in a Cisco UCS instance
    • C. a pool of WW port names, where WWPN is the port name assigned to the Fibre Channel port on the adapter
    • D. a collection of management IP addresses used to connect to servers
    • E. a pool of WW node names, where WWNN belongs to the node

    Answer: CE

    Explanation: Reference:

    You plan to register a Cisco UCS domain to a Cisco UCS Central system UCS Central with determine the policy configuration. Which policy resolution mode must you use when you register the UCS domain?

    • A. Global
    • B. Private
    • C. Local
    • D. Central

    Answer: A


    You need to design and implement a Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis system for a customer.
    Which statement about how half-width blades and full-width blades can be used is true?

    • A. Only two full-width blades can be installed in the top two slots, and four half-width blades can be installed in the bottom two slots.
    • B. Only one full-width blade can be installed in the top slot, and six half-width blades can be installed in the bottom slots.
    • C. Half-width blades and full-width blades can be combined in any order.
    • D. Half-width blade types and full-width blade types cannot be combined.

    Answer: C

    Explanation: Mixed blade configurations Allows up to 8 half-width or 4 full-width blade servers, or any combination thereof, for outstanding flexibility.
    When configured with the 6324 Fabric Interconnect, only 8 half-width B200 M3 blades are supported.

    Which Cisco UCS backup type results in an XML file that include all system and logical configuration settings?

    • A. system configuration
    • B. all configuration
    • C. full state
    • D. logical configuration

    Answer: B

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