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2021 Apr 300-206 exam answers

Q91. Which two options are purposes of the packet-tracer command? (Choose two.) 

A. to filter and monitor ingress traffic to a switch 

B. to configure an interface-specific packet trace 

C. to simulate network traffic through a data path 

D. to debug packet drops in a production network 

E. to automatically correct an ACL entry in an ASA 

Answer: C,D 

Q92. Which information is NOT replicated to the secondary Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance in an active/standby configuration with stateful failover links ? 

A. TCP sessions 

B. DHCP lease 

C. NAT translations 

D. Routing tables 


Q93. Enabling what security mechanism can prevent an attacker from gaining network topology information from CDP? 

A. MACsec 

B. Flex VPN 

C. Control Plane Protection 

D. Dynamic Arp Inspection 


Q94. Refer to the exhibit. 

To protect Host A and Host B from communicating with each other, which type of PVLAN port should be used for each host? 

A. Host A on a promiscuous port and Host B on a community port 

B. Host A on a community port and Host B on a promiscuous port 

C. Host A on an isolated port and Host B on a promiscuous port 

D. Host A on a promiscuous port and Host B on a promiscuous port 

E. Host A on an isolated port and host B on an isolated port 

F. Host A on a community port and Host B on a community port 


Q95. When a Cisco ASA is configured in multicontext mode, which command is used to change between contexts? 

A. changeto config context 

B. changeto context 

C. changeto/config context change 

D. changeto/config context 2 


Regenerate 300-206 vce:

Q96. Which two device types can Cisco Prime Security Manager manage in Multiple Device mode? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco ESA 

B. Cisco ASA 

C. Cisco WSA 

D. Cisco ASA CX 

Answer: B,D 

Q97. Which three logging methods are supported by Cisco routers? (Choose three.) 

A. console logging 

B. TACACS+ logging 

C. terminal logging 

D. syslog logging 

E. ACL logging 

F. RADIUS logging 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q98. What is the default log level on the Cisco Web Security Appliance? 

A. Trace 

B. Debug 

C. Informational 

D. Critical 


Q99. What is the lowest combination of ASA model and license providing 1 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces? 

A. ASA 5505 with failover license option 

B. ASA 5510 Security+ license option 

C. ASA 5520 with any license option 

D. ASA 5540 with AnyConnect Essentials License option 


Q100. Which three statements about transparent firewall are true? ( Choose three) 

A. It does not support any type of VPN. 

B. Both interfaces must be configured with private IP addresses. 

C. It can have only a management IP address. 

D. It does not support dynamic routing protocols. 

E. It only supports PAT. 

F. Transparent firewall works at Layer 2. 

Answer: C,D,F