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Q1. Refer to the exhibit. Which command can produce this packet tracer output on a firewall? 

A. packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 88 3028 

B. packet-tracer output INSIDE tcp 88 3028 

C. packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 3028 88 

D. packet-tracer output INSIDE tcp 3028 88 


Q2. Which Cisco prime Infrastructure features allows you to assign templates to a group of wireless LAN controllers with similar configuration requirements? 

A. Lightweight access point configuration template 

B. Composite template 

C. Controller configuration group 

D. Shared policy object 


Q3. Which two options are private-VLAN secondary VLAN types? (Choose two) 

A. Isolated 

B. Secured 

C. Community 

D. Common 

E. Segregated 

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: e/cli/ CLIConfigurationGuide/PrivateVLANs.html 

Q4. In your role as network security administrator, you have installed syslog server software on a server whose IP address is According to the exhibits, why isn’t the syslog server receiving any syslog messages? 

A. Logging is not enabled globally on the Cisco ASA. 

B. The syslog server has failed. 

C. There have not been any events with a severity level of seven. 

D. The Cisco ASA is not configured to log messages to the syslog server at that IP address. 


Explanation: By process of elimination, we know that the other answers choices are not correct so that only leaves us with the server must have failed. We can see from the following screen shots, that events are being generated with severity level of debugging and below, The IP address has been configured as a syslog server, and that logging has been enabled globally: 

\psfHome.TrashScreen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.38.59 PM.png 

Q5. What are three ways to add devices in Cisco Prime Infrastruture? ( Choose three ) 

A. Use Cisco Security manager 

B. Use Radius 

C. Import devices from a CSV file 

D. Add devices manually 

E. Use an automated process 

F. Use the Access Control Server 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q6. Which command sets the source IP address of the NetFlow exports of a device? 

A. ip source flow-export 

B. ip source netflow-export 

C. ip flow-export source 

D. ip netflow-export source 


Q7. What are the three types of private VLAN ports? (Choose three.) 

A. promiscuous 

B. isolated 

C. community 

D. primary 

E. secondary 

F. trunk 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q8. For which management session types does ASDM allow a maximum simultaneous connection limit to be set? 

A. ASDM, Telnet, SSH 

B. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, console 

C. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, VTY 

D. ASDM, Telnet, SSH, other 


Q9. How much storage is allotted to maintain system,configuration , and image files on the Cisco ASA 1000V during OVF template file deployment? 

A. 1GB 

B. 5GB 

C. 2GB 

D. 10GB 


Q10. Which statement about Cisco ASA NetFlow v9 (NSEL) is true? 

A. NSEL events match all traffic classes in parallel 

B. NSEL is has a time interval locked at 20 seconds and is not user configurable 

C. NSEL tracks flow-create, flow-teardown, and flow-denied events and generates appropriate NSEL data records 

D. You cannot disable syslog messages that have become redundant because of NSEL 

E. NSEL tracks the flow continuously and provides updates every 10 second 

F. NSEL provides stateless IP flow tracking that exports all record od a specific flow 


Explanation: _nsel. Html