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Q101. What are two reasons to implement Cisco IOS MPLS Bandwidth-Assured Layer 2 Services? (Choose two.) 

A. guaranteed bandwidth and peak rates as well as low cycle periods, regardless of which systems access the device 

B. increased resiliency through MPLS FRR for AToM circuits and better bandwidth utilization through MPLS TE 

C. enabled services over an IP/MPLS infrastructure, for enhanced MPLS Layer 2 functionality 

D. provided complete proactive protection against frame and device spoofing 

Answer: B,C 

Q102. Which statement about the Cisco Security Manager 4.4 NAT Rediscovery feature is true? 

A. It provides NAT policies to existing clients that connect from a new switch port. 

B. It can update shared policies even when the NAT server is offline. 

C. It enables NAT policy discovery as it updates shared polices. 

D. It enables NAT policy rediscovery while leaving existing shared polices unchanged. 


Q103. On an ASA running version 9.0, which command is used to nest objects in a pre-existing group? 

A. object-group 

B. network group-object 

C. object-group network 

D. group-object 


Q104. Which threat-detection feature is used to keep track of suspected attackers who create connections to too many hosts or ports? 

A. complex threat detection 

B. scanning threat detection 

C. basic threat detection 

D. advanced threat detection 


Q105. In a Cisco ASAv failover deployment, which interface is preconfigured as the failover interface? 

A. GigabitEthernet0/2 

B. GigabitEthernet0/4 

C. GigabitEthernet0/6 

D. GigabitEthernet0/8 


Q106. Which command tests authentication with SSH and shows a generated key? 

A. show key mypubkey rsa 

B. show crypto key mypubkey rsa 

C. show crypto key 

D. show key mypubkey 


Q107. An attacker has gained physical access to a password protected router. Which command will prevent access to the startup-config in NVRAM? 

A. no service password-recovery 

B. no service startup-config 

C. service password-encryption 

D. no confreg 0x2142 


Q108. How much storage is allotted to maintain system,configuration , and image files on the Cisco ASA 1000V during OVF template file deployment? 

A. 1GB 

B. 5GB 

C. 2GB 

D. 10GB 


Q109. What is a required attribute to configure NTP authentication on a Cisco ASA? 

A. Key ID 

B. IPsec 


D. IKEv2 


Q110. When you install a Cisco ASA AIP-SSM, which statement about the main Cisco ASDM home page is true? 

A. It is replaced by the Cisco AIP-SSM home page. 

B. It must reconnect to the NAT policies database. 

C. The administrator can manually update the page. 

D. It displays a new Intrusion Prevention panel.