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Q91. What is the correct deployment for an IPS appliance in a network where traffic identified as threat traffic should be blocked and all traffic is blocked if the IPS fails? 

A. Inline; fail open 

B. Inline; fail closed 

C. Promiscuous; fail open 

D. Promiscuous; fail closed 


Q92. When learning accept mode is set to auto, and the action is set to rotate, when is the KB created and used? 

A. It is created every 24 hours and used for 24 hours. 

B. It is created every 24 hours, but the current KB is used. 

C. It is created every 1 hour and used for 24 hours. 

D. A KB is created only in manual mode. 


Q93. The Web Security Appliance has identities defined for faculty and staff, students, and default access. The faculty and staff identity identifies users based on the source network and authenticated credentials. The identity for students identifies users based on the source network along with successful authentication credentials. The global identity is for guest users not authenticated against the domain. 

Recently, a change was made to the organization's security policy to allow faculty and staff access to a social network website, and the security group changed the access policy for faculty and staff to allow the social networking category. 

Which are the two most likely reasons that the category is still being blocked for a faculty and staff user? (Choose two.) 

A. The user is being matched against the student policy because the user did not enter credentials. 

B. The user is using an unsupported browser so the credentials are not working. 

C. The social networking URL was entered into a custom URL category that is blocked in the access policy. 

D. The user is connected to the wrong network and is being blocked by the student policy. 

E. The social networking category is being allowed but the AVC policy is still blocking the website. 

Answer: C,E 

Q94. Which three options are valid event actions for a Cisco IPS? (Choose three.) 

A. deny-packet-inline 

B. deny-attack-reset 

C. produce-verbose-alert 

D. log-attacker-packets 

E. deny-packet-internal 

F. request-block-drop-connection 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q95. Which Cisco WSA is intended for deployment in organizations of up to 1500 users? 

A. WSA S370 

B. WSA S670 

C. WSA S370-2RU 

D. WSA S170 


Q96. What are three best practices for a Cisco Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose three.) 

A. Checking for new signatures every 4 hours 

B. Checking for new signatures on a staggered schedule 

C. Automatically updating signature packs 

D. Manually updating signature packs 

E. Group tuning of signatures 

F. Single tuning of signatures 

Answer: B,C,E