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Q81. With Cisco IDM, which rate limit option specifies the maximum bandwidth for rate-limited traffic? 

A. protocol 

B. rate 

C. bandwidth 

D. limit 


Q82. What are three benefits of the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution? (Choose three.) 

A. It can protect against command-injection and directory-traversal attacks. 

B. It provides Internet transport while maintaining corporate security policies. 

C. It provides secure remote access to managed computers. 

D. It provides clientless remote access to multiple network-based systems. 

E. It enforces security policies, regardless of the user location. 

F. It uses ACLs to determine best-route connections for clients in a secure environment. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q83. Which three options are characteristics of router-based IPS? (Choose three.) 

A. It is used for large networks. 

B. It is used for small networks. 

C. It supports virtual sensors. 

D. It supports multiple VRFs. 

E. It uses configurable anomaly detection. 

F. Signature definition files have been deprecated. 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q84. Which statement about Cisco IPS Manager Express is true? 

A. It provides basic device management for large-scale deployments. 

B. It provides a GUI for configuring IPS sensors and security modules. 

C. It enables communication with Cisco ASA devices that have no administrative access. 

D. It provides greater security than simple ACLs. 


Q85. Which Cisco ESA predefined sender group uses parameter-matching to reject senders? 






Q86. Which five system management protocols are supported by the Intrusion Prevention System? (Choose five.) 

A. SNMPv2c 

B. SNMPv1 

C. SNMPv2 

D. SNMPv3 

E. syslog 



Answer: A,B,C,F,G 

Q87. Which three zones are used for anomaly detection? (Choose three.) 

A. Internal zone 

B. External zone 

C. Illegal zone 

D. Inside zone 

E. Outside zone 

F. DMZ zone 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q88. What is the CLI command to create a new Message Filter in a Cisco Email Security Appliance? 

A. filterconfig 

B. filters new 

C. messagefilters 

D. policyconfig-- inbound or outbound-- filters 


Q89. Which version of AsyncOS for web is required to deploy the Web Security Appliance as a CWS connector? 

A. AsyncOS version 7.7.x 

B. AsyncOS version 7.5.x 

C. AsyncOS version 7.5.7 

D. AsyncOS version 7.5.0 


Q90. Which set of commands changes the FTP client timeout when the sensor is communicating with an FTP server? 

A. sensor# configure terminal 

sensor(config)# service sensor 

sensor(config-hos)# network-settings 

sensor(config-hos-net)# ftp-timeout 500 

B. sensor# configure terminal 

sensor(config)# service host 

sensor(config-hos)# network-settings parameter ftp 

sensor(config-hos-net)# ftp-timeout 500 

C. sensor# configure terminal 

sensor(config)# service host 

sensor(config-hos)# network-settings 

sensor(config-hos-net)# ftp-timeout 500 

D. sensor# configure terminal 

sensor(config)# service network 

sensor(config-hos)# network-settings 

sensor(config-hos-net)# ftp-timeout 500