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Q61. Over the period of one day, several Atomic ARP engine alerts fired on the same IP address. You observe that each time an alert fired, requests on the IP address exceeded replies by the same number. Which configuration could cause this behavior? 

A. The reply-ratio parameter is enabled. 

B. MAC flip is enabled. 

C. The inspection condition is disabled. 

D. The IPS is misconfigured. 


Q62. What is a value that Cisco ESA can use for tracing mail flow? 

A. the FQDN of the source IP address 

B. the FQDN of the destination IP address 

C. the destination IP address 

D. the source IP address 


Q63. What action will the sensor take regarding IP addresses listed as known bad hosts in the Cisco SensorBase network? 

A. Global correlation is configured in Audit mode fortesting the feature without actually denying any hosts. 

B. Global correlation is configured in Aggressive mode, which has a very aggressive effect on deny actions. 

C. It will not adjust risk rating values based on the known bad hosts list. 

D. Reputation filtering is disabled. 



This can be seen on the Globabl Correlation – Inspection/Reputation tab show below: 

Q64. Which centralized reporting function of the Cisco Content Security Management Appliance 

aggregates data from multiple Cisco ESA devices? 

A. message tracking 

B. web tracking 

C. system tracking 

D. logging 


Q65. Which command can change the HTTPS SSL method on the Cisco ESA? 

A. sslconfig 

B. strictssl 

C. sshconfig 

D. adminaccessconfig 


Q66. What can you use to access the Cisco IPS secure command and control channel to make configuration changes? 


B. the management interface 

C. an HTTP server 

D. Telnet 


Q67. Which configuration option causes an ASA with IPS module to drop traffic matching IPS signatures and to block all traffic if the module fails? 

A. Inline Mode, Permit Traffic 

B. Inline Mode, Close Traffic 

C. Promiscuous Mode, Permit Traffic 

D. Promiscuous Mode, Close Traffic 


Q68. What three alert notification options are available in Cisco IntelliShield Alert Manager? (Choose three.) 

A. Alert Summary as Text 

B. Complete Alert as an HTML Attachment 

C. Complete Alert as HTML 

D. Complete Alert as RSS 

E. Alert Summary as Plain Text 

F. Alert Summary as MMS 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q69. Which three statements about Cisco CWS are true? (Choose three.) 

A. It provides protection against zero-day threats. 

B. Cisco SIO provides it with threat updates in near real time. 

C. It supports granular application policies. 

D. Its Roaming User Protection feature protects the VPN from malware and data breaches. 

E. It supports local content caching. 

F. Its Cognitive Threat Analytics feature uses cloud-based analysis and detection to block threats outside the network. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q70. What are the initial actions that can be performed on an incoming SMTP session by the workqueue of a Cisco Email Security Appliance? 

A. Accept, Reject, Relay, TCPRefuse 

B. LDAP Verification, Envelope Sender Verification, Bounce Verification, Alias Table Verification 

C. Recipient Access Table Verification, Host DNS Verification, Masquerading, Spam Payload Check 

D. SMTP Authentication, SBRS Verification, Sendergroup matching, DNS host verification