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2021 Apr 300-208 brain dumps

Q51. Which command configures console port authorization under line con 0? 

A. authorization default|WORD 

B. authorization exec line con 0|WORD 

C. authorization line con 0|WORD 

D. authorization exec default|WORD 


Q52. What user rights does an account need to join ISE to a Microsoft Active Directory domain? 

A. Create and Delete Computer Objects 

B. Domain Admin 

C. Join and Leave Domain 

D. Create and Delete User Objects 


Q53. The NAC Agent uses which port and protocol to send discovery packets to an ISE Policy Service Node? 

A. tcp/8905 

B. udp/8905 

C. http/80 

D. https/443 


Q54. Which feature must you configure on a switch to allow it to redirect wired endpoints to Cisco ISE? 

A. the http secure-server command 

B. RADIUS Attribute 29 

C. the RADIUS VSA for accounting 



Q55. In AAA, what function does authentication perform? 

A. It identifies the actions that the user can perform on the device. 

B. It identifies the user who is trying to access a device. 

C. It identifies the actions that a user has previously taken. 

D. It identifies what the user can access. 


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Q56. A network administrator must enable which protocol extension to utilize EAP-Chaining? 






Q57. What are the initial steps to configure an ACS as a TACACS server? 

A. 1. Choose Network Devices and AAA Clients > Network Resources. 

2. Click Create. 

B. 1. Choose Network Resources > Network Devices and AAA Clients. 

2. Click Create. 

C. 1. Choose Network Resources > Network Devices and AAA Clients. 

2. Click Manage. 

D. 1. Choose Network Devices and AAA Clients > Network Resources. 

2. Click Install. 


Q58. After an endpoint has completed authentication with MAB, a security violation is triggered because a different MAC address was detected. Which host mode must be active on the port? 

A. single-host mode 

B. multidomain authentication host mode 

C. multiauthentication host mode 

D. multihost mode 


Q59. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which URL must you enter in the External Webauth URL field to configure Cisco ISE CWA correctly? 

A. https://ip_address:8443/guestportal/Login.action 

B. https://ip_address:443/guestportal/Welcome.html 

C. https://ip_address:443/guestportal/action=cpp 

D. https://ip_address:8905/guestportal/Sponsor.action 


Q60. Which statement about the Cisco ISE BYOD feature is true? 

A. Use of SCEP/CA is optional. 

B. BYOD works only on wireless access. 

C. Cisco ISE needs to integrate with MDM to support BYOD. 

D. Only mobile endpoints are supported.