Point Checklist: cisco 300 208

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Q1. Which two authentication stores are supported to design a wireless network using PEAP EAP-MSCHAPv2 as the authentication method? (Choose two.) 

A. Microsoft Active Directory 



D. RSA Secure-ID 

E. Certificate Server 

Answer: A,B 

Q2. You have configured a Cisco ISE 1.2 deployment for self-registration of guest users. What two options can you select from to determine when the account duration timer begins? (Choose two.) 

A. CreateTime 

B. FirstLogin 

C. BeginLogin 

D. StartTime 

Answer: A,B 

Q3. In a multi-node ISE deployment, backups are not working on the MnT node. Which ISE CLI option would help mitigate this issue? 

A. repository 

B. ftp-url 

C. application-bundle 

D. collector 


Q4. What is a requirement for posture administration services in Cisco ISE? 

A. at least one Cisco router to store Cisco ISE profiling policies 

B. Cisco NAC Agents that communicate with the Cisco ISE server 

C. an ACL that points traffic to the Cisco ISE deployment 

D. the advanced license package must be installed 


Q5. What are two client-side requirements of the NAC Agent and NAC Web Agent installation? (Choose two.) 

A. Administrator workstation rights 

B. Active Directory Domain membership 

C. Allowing of web browser activex installation 

D. WSUS service running 

Answer: A,C 

Q6. Which term describes a software application that seeks connectivity to the network via a network access device? 

A. authenticator 

B. server 

C. supplicant 



Q7. When you select Centralized Web Auth in the ISE Authorization Profile, which two components host the web authentication portal? (Choose two.) 


B. the WLC 

C. the access point 

D. the switch 

E. the endpoints 

Answer: B,D 

Q8. When you add a new PSN for guest access services, which two options must be enabled under deployment settings? (Choose two.) 

A. Admin 

B. Monitoring 

C. Policy Service 

D. Session Services 

E. Profiling 

Answer: C,D 

Q9. How frequently does the Profiled Endpoints dashlet refresh data? 

A. every 30 seconds 

B. every 60 seconds 

C. every 2 minutes 

D. every 5 minutes 


Q10. Which two options are EAP methods supported by Cisco ISE? (Choose two.) 





Answer: A,B