Shortcuts To 300-209(121 to 127)

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2021 Mar 300-209 exam guide

Q121. Which two cryptographic technologies are recommended for use with FlexVPN? (Choose two.) 

A. SHA (HMAC variant) 

B. Diffie-Hellman 


D. MD5 (HMAC variant) 

Answer: A,B 

Q122. Which statement describes a prerequisite for single-sign-on Netegrity Cookie Support in an IOC SSL VPN? 

A. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client must be installed in flash. 

B. A SiteMinder plug-in must be installed on the Cisco SSL VPN gateway. 

C. A Cisco plug-in must be installed on a SiteMinder server. 

D. The Cisco Secure Desktop software package must be installed in flash. 


Q123. Remote users want to access internal servers behind an ASA using Microsoft terminal services. Which option outlines the steps required to allow users access via the ASA clientless VPN portal? 

A. 1. Configure a static pat rule for TCP port 3389 

2. Configure an inbound access-list to allow traffic from remote users to the servers 

3. Assign this access-list rule to the group policy 

B. 1. Configure a bookmark of the type http:// server-IP :3389 

2. Enable Smart tunnel on this bookmark 

3. Assign the bookmark to the desired group policy 

C. 1. Configure a Smart Tunnel application list 

2. Add the rdp.exe process to this list 

3. Assign the Smart Tunnel application list to the desired group policy 

D. 1. Upload an RDP plugin to the ASA 

2. Configure a bookmark of the type rdp:// server-IP 

3. Assign the bookmark list to the desired group policy 


Improve 300-209 actual exam:

Q124. Which encryption and authentication algorithms does Cisco recommend when deploying a Cisco NGE supported VPN solution? 

A. AES-GCM and SHA-2 

B. 3DES and DH 

C. AES-CBC and SHA-1 

D. 3DES and SHA-1 


Q125. Which two are features of GETVPN but not DMVPN and FlexVPN?.(Choose two.) 

A. one IPsec SA for all encrypted traffic 

B. no requirement for an overlay routing protocol 

C. design for use over public or private WAN 

D. sequence numbers that enable scalable replay checking 

E. enabled use of ESP or AH 

F. preservation of IP protocol in outer header 

Answer: A,B 

Q126. Which benefit of FlexVPN is not offered by DMVPN using IKEv1? 

A. Dynamic routing protocols can be configured. 

B. IKE implementation can install routes in routing table. 

C. GRE encapsulation allows for forwarding of non-IP traffic. 

D. NHRP authentication provides enhanced security. 


Q127. What action does the hub take when it receives a NHRP resolution request from a spoke for a network that exists behind another spoke? 

A. The hub sends back a resolution reply to the requesting spoke. 

B. The hub updates its own NHRP mapping. 

C. The hub forwards the request to the destination spoke. 

D. The hub waits for the second spoke to send a request so that it can respond to both spokes.