[Best Quality] 300-209 Cisco sample question 21-30 (Jun 2021)

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Q21. Which IKEv2 feature minimizes the configuration of a FlexVPN on Cisco IOS devices? 

A. IKEv2 Suite-B 

B. IKEv2 proposals 

C. IKEv2 profiles 

D. IKEv2 Smart Defaults 


Q22. What is the Cisco recommended TCP maximum segment on a DMVPN tunnel interface when the MTU is set to 1400 bytes? 

A. 1160 bytes 

B. 1260 bytes 

C. 1360 bytes 

D. 1240 bytes 


Q23. Which two features are required when configuring a DMVPN network? (Choose two.) 

A. Dynamic routing protocol 

B. GRE tunnel interface 

C. Next Hop Resolution Protocol 

D. Dynamic crypto map 

E. IPsec encryption 

Answer: B,C 

Q24. Which command enables the router to form EIGRP neighbor adjacencies with peers using a different subnet than the ingress interface? 

A. ip unnumbered interface 

B. eigrp router-id 

C. passive-interface interface name 

D. ip split-horizon eigrp as number 


Q25. When you configure IPsec VPN High Availability Enhancements, which technology does Cisco recommend that you enable to make reconvergence faster? 



C. periodic IKE keepalives 

D. VPN fast detection 


Q26. Which option is an example of an asymmetric algorithm? 

A. 3DES 





Q27. Which command can you use to monitor the phase 1 establishment of a FlexVPN tunnel? 

A. show crypto ipsec sa 

B. show crypto isakmp sa 

C. show crypto ikev2 sa 

D. show ip nhrp 


Q28. A network administrator is configuring AES encryption for the ISAKMP policy on an IOS router. Which two configurations are valid? (Choose two.) 

A. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 254 

B. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 192 

C. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 256 

D. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 196 

E. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 199 

F. crypto isakmp policy 10 

encryption aes 64 

Answer: B,C 

Q29. Scenario 

Your organization has just implemented a Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN solution. Using 

Cisco ASDM, answer the questions regarding the implementation. Note: Not all screens or option selections are active for this exercise. 



Which address pool is being assigned to the users connecting via the AnyConnect client? 

A. AC_Address_Pool 

B. Remote_Address_Pool 

C. Outside_Address_Pool 

D. VPN_Address_Pool 



First Navigate to the Configuration -> Remote Access VPN tab and then choose the “AnyConnect Connection Profile as shown below: 


Then, clicking on the AnyConnect Profile at the bottom will bring you to the edit page shown below: 


From here we can see that the Client Address Pools in use is the “VPN_Access_Pool” 

Q30. Which type of communication in a FlexVPN implementation uses an NHRP shortcut? 

A. spoke to hub 

B. spoke to spoke 

C. hub to spoke 

D. hub to hub