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Q91. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which of the following two are advantages of Server virtualization using VMware vSphere? (Choose two) 

A. Retains the one-to-one relationship between switch ports and functional servers B. Enables the live migration of a virtual server from one physical server to another without disruption to users or loss of services 

C. The access layer of the network moves into the vSphere ESX servers, providing streamlined vSphere management 

D. Provides management functions including the ability to run scripts and to install third-party agents for hardware monitoring, backup, or systems management 

E. New functional servers can be deployed with minimal physical changes on the network 

Answer: B,D 



Q93. Which VPN technology supports dynamic creation of spoke-to-spoke VPN tunnels to provide a scalable design? 

A. IPsec 

B. GRE over IPsec 




Q94. What are two benefits of migrating from a vPC design to FabricPath? (Choose two.) 

A. infrastructure scalability 

B. lower latency 

C. ease of configuration 

D. network stability 

E. easy to manage 

Answer: A,D 

Q95. An engineer notices that many BGP peers utilize the same configuration parameters. What can the engineer configure to simplify BGP neighbor statements and generate more efficient BGP peer updates? 

A. peer groups 

B. policy templates 

C. session templates 

D. peer address families 


Q96. When designing remote access to the Enterprise Campus network for teleworkers and mobile workers, which of the following should the designer consider? 

A. It is recommended to place the VPN termination device in line with the Enterprise Edge firewall, with ingress traffic limited to SSL only 

B. Maintaining access rules, based on the source IP of the client, on an internal firewall drawn from a headend RADIUS server is the most secure deployment 

C. VPN Headend routing using Reverse Route Injection (RRI) with distribution is recommended when the remote user community is small and dedicated DHCP scopes are in place 

D. Clientless SSL VPNs provide more granular access control than SSL VPN clients (thin or thick), including at Layer7 


Q97. Which VRF component ensures control plane separation between the different Layer 3 VPNs? 


B. routing protocol instance 


D. a subset of the router interfaces 


Q98. CoS is applied for Layer 2 markings in an Ethernet environment. Which protocol must be configured on the Layer 2 switch port for CoS to work? 


B. IEEE 802.1W 

C. IEEE 802.1Q 

D. IEEE 802.1S 


Q99. A network engineer is designing an address plan based on network applications. Which application presents the greatest need for its own address block? 

A. IP telephony 

B. management 

C. multicast 

D. physical security 


Q100. Recently, the WAN links between the headquarters and branch offices have been slow under peak congestion, yet multiple alternate WAN paths exist that are not always congested. What technology can allow traffic to be routed in a more informed manner to utilize transport characteristics such as delay, loss, or link load? 

A. performance routing 

B. static routing 

C. on demand routing 

D. policy based routing