Tips for cisco 300 320

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Q91. A network design engineer has been asked to reduce the size of the SPT on an IS-IS broadcast network. Which option should the engineer recommend to accomplish this task? 

A. Configure the links as point-to-multipoint. 

B. Configure QoS in all links. 

C. Configure a new NET address. 

D. Configure the links as point-to-point. 


Q92. What is an advantage of using the Cisco FabricPath feature in a data center environment? 

A. VSS does not have to be configured. 

B. Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links can be configured simultaneously. 

C. Equal-Cost Multipath can be used to choose the forwarding path. 

D. The control plane and management plane remain separate. 


Q93. What are two characteristics of Cisco Global Site Selector? (Choose two.) 

A. It helps verify end-to-end path availability. 

B. It provides traffic rerouting in case of disaster. 

C. HSRP, GLBP, and VRRP can be clients of GSS. 

D. BGP must be the routing protocol between the distributed data centers. 

E. DNS responsiveness is improved by providing centralized domain management. 

Answer: B,E 

Q94. Which option lists the EIGRP minimum timer settings for hello and dead timers in seconds? 

A. 4 and 6 

B. 2 and 4 

C. 2 and 6 

D. both 6 


Q95. Which part of the Layer 3 header is used to identify a flow in NetFlow but it is not used for NBAR? 

A. source port 

B. ToS 

C. protocol type 

D. source IP 


Q96. What is the correct state between two BGP peers that are neighbors? 

A. active 

B. operational 

C. established 

D. up 


Q97. Which statement about vPC technology is true? 

A. It allows a device to connect to two separate upstream devices as if they were a single device. 

B. It provides the ability to pair two servers in the data center. 

C. It promotes better STP designs in the switching infrastructure. 

D. It supports IEEE 802.1Q only. 


Q98. Which option provides software modularity in Cisco NX-OS software in the data center design? 

A. The ip routing command enables all of the features in the Cisco NX-OS. 

B. All of the features are enabled by default in the Cisco NX-OS. 

C. Individual features must be manually enabled to start the process. 

D. The Cisco NX-OS has a management VRF that is enabled by default. 


Q99. Which three of these Metro service types map to E-Line (versus E-LAN) services that are defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)? (Choose three.) 

A. Ethernet Private Line 

B. Ethernet Wire Service 

C. Ethernet Relay Service 

D. Ethernet Multipoint Service 

E. Ethernet Relay Multipoint Service 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q100. A company requires redundancy for its multihomed BGP external connections. What two features can be configured on the WAN routers to automate failover for both outbound and inbound traffic? (Choose two.) 

A. AS path prepending 

B. local preference 

C. floating static route 



F. weight 

Answer: A,D