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Q31. What is the next action taken by the Cisco NAC Appliance after it identifies a vulnerability on a client device? 

A. denies the client network resource access 

B. repairs the effected devices 

C. generates a Syslog message 

D. permits the client but limits to guest access 


Q32. What two features are inherent advantages of MPLS VPN services? (Choose two.) 

A. service providers can provide additional services 

B. virtual private networks segment traffic and ensure privacy 

C. easier to troubleshoot than Layer 2 WAN technologies 

D. faster data transfer speeds at lower costs 

E. functions without Cisco Express Forwarding 

Answer: A,B 

Q33. Which algorithm does IS-IS use to determine the shortest path through a network? 

A. Bellman-Ford routing algorithm 

B. Johnson's.algorithm 

C. Dijkstra's algorithm 

D. Floyd-Warshall algorithm 


Q34. Which of the following is a result when designing multiple EIGRP autonomous systems within the Enterprise Campus network? 

A. Improves scalability by dividing the network using summary routes at AS boundaries 

B. Decreases complexity since EIGRP redistribution is automatically handled in the background 

C. Reduces the volume of EIGRP queries by limiting them to one EIGRP AS 

D. Scaling is improved when a unique AS is run at the Access, Distribution, and Core layers of the network 


Q35. With respect to address summarization, which of the following statements concerning IPv4 and IPv6 is true? 

A. The potential size of the IPv6 address blocks suggests that address summarization favors IPv6 over IPv4. 

B. Role based addressing using wildcard masks to match multiple subnets is suitable for IPv4, but unsuitable for IPv6. 

C. In order to summarize, the number of subnets in the IPv4 address block should be a power of 2 while the number of subnets in the IPv6 address block should be a power of 64. 

D. WAN link addressing best supports summarization with a /126 subnet for IPv4 and a /31 for IPv6. 


Q36. Which three statements about Network Attached Storage are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. Data is accessed using NFS or CIFS. 

B. Data is accessed at the block level. 

C. NAS is referred to as captive storage. 

D. Storage devices can be shared between servers. 

E. A NAS implementation is not as fast as a DAS implementation. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q37. Which two key components are related to one firewall per ISP design option for e-commerce? (Choose two.) 

A. It is a common approach to single-homing. 

B. This approach is commonly used in large sites. 

C. Any failure on an edge router results in a loss of session. 

D. It has one NAT to two ISP-assigned blocks. 

E. It is difficult to set up and administer. 

Answer: C,D 

Q38. Which QoS mechanism uses PHBs? 

A. DiffServ 

B. IntServ 

C. CoS 

D. ToS 


Q39. A well-designed IP addressing scheme supporting role-based functions within the subnet will result in the most efficient use of which technology? 

A. Layer 3 switching in the core 

B. Network Admission Control (NAC) 

C. IP telephony (voice and video) services 

D. ACLs 


Q40. A network engineer has implemented a looped triangle switch block design. What element must be included in the design? 

A. first hop redundancy protocol 

B. Layer 2 links between access switches 

C. single uplinks between access and distribution switches 

D. VLANs that span access switches 

E. Layer 3 links between distribution switches