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Q141. The network engineering team is interested in deploying NAC within the enterprise network to enhance security. What deployment model should be used if the team requests that the NAC be logically inline with clients? 

A. Layer 2 in-band 

B. Layer 2 out-of-band 

C. Layer 3 in-band 

D. Layer 3 out-of-band 


Q142. Which option does the FabricPath technology use to create loop-free Layer 2 networks? 



C. fabric tags 




Drag the rule on the left to match the appropriate activity on the right. 


Q144. Which four primary attributes define a WAN service? (Choose four.) 

A. bandwidth 

B. bursting capacity 

C. memory 


E. QoS classes and policies 

F. latency 

G. multicast support 

Answer: A,B,E,G 

Q145. Which option describes the purpose of the auto-cost reference bandwidth 10000 command under the OSPF process? 

A. Recognize redundant 10 Megabit links. 

B. Differentiate cost on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet trunk link. 

C. Change the default bandwidth for a 100 Megabit link. 

D. Adjust the link bandwidth for routing protocols. 


Q146. Which two design principles should be followed to scale EIGRP properly? (Choose two.) 

A. Ensure that the network design follows a structured hierarchical topology. 

B. Utilize route summarization on edge devices. 

C. Implement multiple autonomous systems, regardless of the size of the network. 

D. Tune EIGRP delay metric on all core devices. 

E. Configure offset lists on the network border. 

Answer: A,B 

Q147. Which statement about Fibre Channel communications is correct? 

A. N_Port to N_Port connections use logical node connection points. 

B. Flow control is only provided by QoS. 

C. It must be implemented in an arbitrated loop. 

D. Communication methods are similar to those of an Ethernet bus. 


Q148. Which Nexus feature enables you to support server connectivity with one topology and address requirement for both high availability and high bandwidth? 

A. vPC 

B. vPC+ 

C. Stackwise 

D. EvPC 


Q149. Which ISP technology can be implemented as a service when designing a topology to perform extranet connectivity via multitenant segmentation from within a corporate intranet? 

A. Cisco Easy VPN 

B. GRE over IPsec 



E. VPNaaS 


Q150. Refer to the exhibit. 

The Cisco Nexus 1000V in the VMware vSphere solution effectively creates an additional access layer in the virtualized data center network; which of the following 1000V characteristics can the designer take advantage of? 

A. Offloads the STP requirement from the external Access layer switches 

B. If upstream access switches do not support vPC or VSS the dual-homed ESX host traffic can still be distributed using virtual port channel host mode using subgroups automatically discovered through CDP 

C. Allows transit traffic to be forwarded through the ESX host between VMNICs 

D. Can be divided into multiple virtual device contexts for service integration, enhanced 

security, administrative boundaries, and flexibility of deployment