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New Cisco 300-320 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q1. A network design team is experiencing sustained congestion on access and distribution uplinks. QoS has already been implemented and optimized, and it is no longer effective in ensuring optimal network performance. Which two actions can improve network performance? (Choose two.)

A. Reconfigure QoS based on the IntServ model.

B. Configure selective packet discard to drop noncritical network traffic.

C. Implement higher-speed uplink interfaces.

D. Bundle additional uplinks into logical EtherChannels.

E. Utilize random early detection to manage queues.

Answer: C,D

Topic 5, Exam Pool E (Latest Questions Set B)

462.An OSPF router should have a maximum of how many adjacent neighbors?

A. 100

B. 80

C. 60

D. 50

Q2. Design QoS (traffic regulation mechanisms ? )(Choose Two)

A. Classification

B. Shaping

C. Policing

D. Queuing

Answer: B,C

Q3. What command essentially turns on auto summarization for EIGRP?

A. area 0 range

B. router eigrp 1

C. ip summary-address eigrp 1

D. ip summary-address

E. eigrp stub

Answer: C

Q4. An organization is using a link state routing that is not dependent on IP addressing .Which action enable information across area boundaries in this organization ?

A. Assign level 1 router interface

B. Assign level 1 routers to different areas

C. Assign level 2 router interface to the backbone area

D. Assign level 2 router to different areas

E. Assign level 2 router interface to different area

Answer: D

Q5. How does stub routing affect transit routes in EIGRP?

A. Transit routes are passed from a stub network to a hub network.

B. It is designed to prevent the distribution of external routes.

C. It prevents the hub router from advertising networks learned from the spokes.

D. Transit routes are filtered from stub networks to the network hub.

Answer: B

Q6. An Engineer is designing a Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure network ... What is the expected number of links between Spine switches?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 2

D. 4

Answer: A

Q7. When you configure a multichassis setup with VSS, which link must be configured to extend the backplane between the two switches?





Answer: D

Q8. What protocol is used for connectivity between VSS layers?





Answer: D

Q9. Transition to Named EIGRP without causing an outage?

A. router eigrp NAME

B. router eigrp 1 named NAME

C. router eigrp 1

eigrp upgrade-cli NAME

D. interface fa0/1

ip router eigrp 1 named NAME

Answer: C

Q10. An engineer wants to implement a network with the RSTP+ but the majority of the equipment is running STP. What will be the outcome when running STP and RSTP+ simultaneously?

A. RSTP and STP will not work and the interface will be in error disabled

B. RSTP and STP will work and fast convergence will happen

C. RSTP and STP will work and fast convergence will not happen

D. RSTP and STP will choose the best convergence protocol

Answer: C

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