What Most up-to-date 3002 Is?

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Q31. A company with 500 users has a single IP Office Server Edition providing telephony, presence and Instant Messaging, UMS, Conferencing, and Mobility support. They are buying a remote company with 400 users. They want to support all the IP Office features for everyone. 

To maintain Avaya support, what must be added to their server Edition? 

A. Application Server 

B. Advanced Edition 

C. IP Office 500V2 

D. VCM licenses 


Q32. Which three statements about IP Office Server Edition (non-Select) are true? (Choose 


A. IP Office Server Edition is a software-based solution. 

B. IP Office Server Edition requires a primary and secondary server. 

C. IP Office Server Edition can be upgraded to the Select version. 

D. IP Office Server Edition Non-Select can be expanded to support 2000 users. 

E. IP Office Server Edition must have at least one expansion system to support SIP trunks. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q33. Which statement is an example of "Top Down Troubleshooting" with an IP Phone that is not working? 

A. Listen for dial tone on the telephone, and if not heard, then check for an indicator light on the telephone's switch port. 

B. Swap out the telephone's patch cord, and if the telephone boots up, call the telephone. 

C. Ping the telephone, and if successful, try to call it. 

D. In the IP Office View Menu, watch the telephone to see if it downloads "46xxsettings.txt" when booting, then watch the extension in SSA when calling it. 


Q34. In an SCN network with Distributed Voicemail, which two are required? (Choose two.) 

A. Port 80 supported 

B. Preferred Edition Licenses on all Voicemail Pro servers 

C. IIS installed on all Voicemail Pro servers 

D. SMTP unblocked between Voicemail Servers 

E. Local Host file 

Answer: B,D 

Q35. A user at a remote IP Office site calls in to discuss a voicemail issue. You launch the Manager program to see your multi-site IP Office network, but only your local IP Office appears. 

What is causing this problem? 

A. The WAN connections are down. 

B. The remotes are doing a reboot. 

C. The Unit/Broadcast address is 

D. Your login is not correct. 


Q36. Secure Digital (SD) card commands can be invoked from which two sources? (Choose two.) 

A. One-X. Portal 

B. IP Office Manager 

C. System Status Application 

D. VoiceMail Pro Client 

E. One-X. Portal for IP Office 

Answer: B,C