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Q21. Which of the following database names can be used within a Name Service Switch (NSS) configuration file? (Choose THREE correct answers).

A. host

B. shadow

C. service

D. passwd

E. group

Answer: A, C, E 

Q22. Linux Extended File Attributes are organized in namespaces. Which of the following names correspond to existing attribute namespaces? (Choose THREE correct answers.)

A. default

B. system

C. owner

D. trusted

E. user

Answer: B, D, E 

Q23. Which of the following authentication methods was added to NFS in version 4?

A. Kerberos  authentication

B. SSH hostkey authentication

C. Winbind authentication

D. SSL certificate authentication

Answer: A

Q24. Which of the following prefixes could be present in the output of getcifsacl? (Choose THREE correct answers.)





E. SlD

Answer: A, C, E 

Q25. Which of the following access control models is established by using SELinux?

A. Security Access Control (SAC)

B. Group Access Control (GAC)

C. User Access Control (UAC)

D. Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

E. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

Answer: E

Q26. Which command revokes ACL-based write access for groups and named users on the file afile?

A. setfacl -x group: * : rx, user:*: rx afile

B. setfacl -x mask: : rx afile

C. setfacl ~m mask: : rx afile

D. setfacl ~m group: * : rx, user:*: rx afile

Answer: C

Q27. What effect does the configuration SSLStrictSNlVHostCheck on have on an Apache HTTPD virtual host?

A. The clients connecting to the virtual host must provide a client certificate that was issued by the same CA that issued the server's certificate.

B. The virtual host is served only to clients that support SNl.

C. All of the names of the virtual host must be within the same DNS zone.

D. The virtual host is used as a fallback default for all clients that do not support SNl.

E. Despite its configuration, the virtual host is served only on the common name and Subject Alternative Names of the server certificates.


Q28. Which of the following statements are true regarding the certificate of a Root CA? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. lt lS a self-signed certificate.

B. lt does not include the private key of the CA

C. lt must contain a host name as the common name.

D. lt has an infinite lifetime and never expires.

E. lt must contain an X509v3 Authority extension.

Answer: A, B, E

Q29. Which of the following expressions are valid AlDE rules? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. !/var/run/.*

B. append: /var/log/*

C. /usr=all

D. #/bin/

E. /etc p+i+u+g

Answer: A, E 

Q30. Which of the following commands adds users using SSSD's local service?

A. sss_adduser

B. sss_useradd

C. sss_add

D. sss-addlocaluser

E. sss_local_adduser