Tips to Pass 3100 Exam (21 to 30)

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Q21. You want a user's station to be able to dial extension 5605 and 5608 only.

Which station configuration will achieve this?

A. Assign COR 11 to user' station, In COR11

Set COR-to COR calling permission = `n' for all except COR 10.

Assign COR to 5605 and 5608.

Ensure that these two CORs are not assigned to any other station object.

B. The FRL = 7to user's station. FRL = 7 to station 5606 and 5608.

Set FRL for all other stations to 6 and lesser

C. Assign COR 10 to user's station.

In COR 11, set CPR-to-COR calling permission = `n' for all except.

Assign COR 11 to 5605 and 5608.

Ensure that these two CORs are not assigned to any other object.

D. The FRL = 5 to user's station, FRL = 7 to station 5606 and 5608.

Set FRL for all other stations to 5 or lesser.

Answer: A

Q22. Your customer wants to extend their office calls using the Extension to Cellular features.

Where will calls be redirected?

A. To another extension on the same system

B. To a hunt group

C. To an administered off-system number

D. To a call pickup group

Answer: C

Q23. Which two Fields and Settings must be verified on the system-parameters customer-options form when adding 46xx or 96xx type telephones? (Choose two)

A. Maximum Concurrently Registered IP Stations greater than "0"

B. Maximum Media Gateway VAL Sources greater than "0"

C. Maximum Off-PBX Telephones greater than "0"

D. IP Stations field in"y"

E. Digital Stations field In "y"

Answer: AD

Q24. Communication Manager Backups are done through the system management interface (SMI).

Which three statements about the Communication Manager backup function are correct? (Choose three)

A. The backup function creates two complete files on the internal hardware drive.

B. The backup function can create a file on a network device using protocols: SCP, SFTP, or FTP.

C. The backup function can encrypt the file with a pass phrase.

D. The backup is done dynamically and cannot be scheduled in advance.

E. The full Backup option does not do Save Transaction Command Automatically before creating the backup file.

Answer: BCE

Q25. You must set the calling privileges for a user so that the user can make calls but not receive calls.

You assign COR to the user's station.

What other settings must be completed?

A. In COR 5, set calling party restriction = `origination' and called party restriction = `none'

B. In COR 5, set calling party restriction = `outward' and called party restriction = `termination'

C. In COR 5, set calling party restriction = `origination' and called party restriction = `termination'

D. In COR 5, set calling party restriction = `none' and called party restrictions = `termination'

Answer: D

Q26. A user reports that when attempting to dial an external call to local number the system does nothing ­ just silence.

You interview the user as follows.

You: What happens if you longer after you dial your number?

User: once I waited for about half a minute, then I heard these tones that supported the something was wrong.

You: Did the sound stay on the same pitch or did it change pitches back and forth?

User: Back and forth one pitch higher than the other.

You: OK, that helps. What did you dial to get an outside line?

User: Nine (9)

You: Thank you, I appreciate the information, I will get back with you shortly.

With reference to the scenario described in the exhibit, which statement most accurately describes the situation?

A. The user should have been able to complete the call as dialed

B. The system must be re-administered to correct the situation

C. After dialing "9" the user should have dialed more digits, then the external call would have completed

D. The user did not dial the correct access code to make an external call

Answer: D

Q27. With consideration to the exhibit, in which hardware component do you configure the IP address 150.122 44 210?

A. In the Media Gateway

B. In the Server administration port

C. In a CLAN board or Processor Ethernet port

D. In the Server services port

Answer: A

Q28. Which feature can you administer using a multi-appearance telephone with Console Permission?

A. Receive Security notifications of Authorization codes violation

B. Record integrated Announcements

C. Activate and deactivate Coverage paths for another extension

D. Add and remove agents from CORs

Answer: B

Q29. Administrative users are assigned a user profile that specifies both a web profile group and a SAT profile group. This controls the functions a user can perform with SAT and within the system Management Interface (SMI).

How does the SAT profile control the functions?

A. It controls the SAT "action" commands the user can use.

B. It controls the time of day that the user can do Sat administration.

C. It controls which SAT screens or categories the user can access.

D. It controls the type of SAT access (GEDI or terminal emulation) the user can use.

Answer: D

Q30. You run a daily Occupancy Summary Measurements report to monitor system capacity and to review processor occupancy metrics.

Which occupancy situation is an issue that warrants further analysis?

A. For twononconsecutivehours, the idle Occ value was between 20 and 25 pervent.

B. For one hour, the combined SM Occ and idle Occ was 90 percent.

C. For two consecutive hours, the Static Occ and SM Occ were each below 10 percent.

D. For two consecutive hours, the combined Static Occ and CP occ was 77 percent

Answer: D