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Q21. Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) is down and upon checking the communication Manager Alarm log you find several trunk alarms associated with CMM trunk group. 

Which document will be the most helpful to determine the meaning of alarm? 

A. Avaya Aura Communication manager Server Alarms 

B. Avaya Aura Communication manager Messaging Alarms and Errors 

C. Implementing Avaya Aura Communication Manager Messaging 

D. Maintenance Alarms for Avaya Aura Communication Manager, media gateways and servers 


Explanation: Reference page: 6 Communication Manager Server Alarms 

Q22. A user is a new employee of ABC Co. and their manager supplies them with 9600 desktop IP telephone and login information and tells the user to plug the cord into the jack near their desk. The user plugs in the telephone, lifts the handset, but there is no dial tone and call cannot be made. 

What should the user do? (Choose two) 

A. Unplug the telephone and plug it back again. 

B. returns the telephone because it is defective 

C. Wait for the prompt for the extension number and password 

D. Plug the telephone into another jack. 

Answer: AC 

Q23. Avaya Communication Manager (CM) translations and data sets on saved and managed through two CM Interfaces: the System Access Terminal (SAT) and the System Manage Interface (SMI). 

Which statement states how you use these two interfaces to manager translation and data? 

A. Translations are saved at the SAT and data sets are saved from the SMI 

B. Both translations and data set can be backed up from the SAT. 

C. Data sets are saved at the SAT and translation are saved from the SMI 

D. Both translations and data sets can be saved from the SMI 


Q24. In addition to consulting Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Server Alarms (03-602798) for interpreting the Server Alarms section of the Current Alarms Page as shown In the exhibit, what other information source helps interpret these alarms l 

A. Status Summary page (SMI) 

B. SAT: display alarms command 

C. Server manufacture’s maintenance documentation 

D. SAT: display events command 


Q25. Which command can you use to troubleshoot port network routing/tracing problems to devices greater than six hops away? 

A. tracert 

B. trace-rout 

C. List trace 

D. /user/sbin/tracepath6 


Q26. A technician is initially dispatched to diagnose a system issue. A DSI connection is receiving slips and timing errors. 

What steps should the technician take to diagnose the problem? 

A. Make a call, check voice quality, and reboot server 

B. Make a DS1 test call, test DS1 boards, validate administration, and contact the service provider if necessary 

C. Test the telephones, move telephone to different circuit, and replace the telephone 

D. Test DS1 boards, move the board to different slot, and replace boards 


Q27. Which two switching processes work together in an external call process setup? (Choose two) 

A. Hunt group 

B. Pickup group 

C. Trunk group 

D. signaling group 

E. Abbreviated dialing group 

Answer: CD 

Q28. You periodically run traffic measurement reports to monitor system performance. From the Administration/Messaging web interface Server reports menu, you select the following traffic measurements requirements: 

Type: Feature 

Cycle: Hourly 

Start Date: March 1 2011 Hour 8 

If today is March 3 2011, what information would you expect the report to return? 

A. All features traffic information for March at 8 hour intervals 

B. Messaging features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 

C. Answer features traffic information for the month of March 

D. All features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 


Q29. You need to perform an encrypted backup of all the data types from Monday through Friday. You want to ensure that a recurring backup is done using FTP and it begins at 9:30 AM. 

From the Administration/ Server (Maintenance) menu, which option should you choose? 

A. Backup Now > Select Full Backup radio button > ftp Method > Select Encryption > Start Backup 

B. Backup Now > Select specify data sets and checkbox Messaging > ftp Method > Days of week = Monday through Friday > Start Time = 9:30 > Add New Schedule 

C. Schedule Backup > Add > Select Specify Data sets and checkbox Messaging > ftp Method > Select Encryption > Days of Week = Monday through Friday > start time = 9:30 > Add new schedule 

D. Schedule Backup > Add > Select Specify Data Sets > ftp method > Days of Week = Monday through Friday > Start Time = 9:30 > Add new schedule 


Explanation: Reference 276 Maintenance Procedures for Communication Manager, Media Gateways and Servers 

Q30. Which two types of violations does the Communication Manager Security Violation Notification (SVN) feature monitor and report? (Choose two.) 

A. Media gateway login violations 

B. System Management Interface (SMI) login violations 

C. Trunk access code (TAC. violations 

D. Station security code violations 

E. Remote access barrier code violations 

Answer: BE 

Explanation: Reference Avaya Toll Fraud Security guide Page 98