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Q31. Exhibit displays a list trace report on a station. 


What are the Dl and D2 values for the denial events in the list trace report? 

A. Hexadecimal destination codes that are listed In the Denial Event documentation 

B. Hexadecimal data that must be converted to binary then interpreted In the Denial events document 

C. Binary destination codes that are listed in the Denial Events documentation 

D. Binary data listed in the Communication Manager Denial Events 


Q32. You are calling a station and it continues to ring but does not go to voicemail. The Communication Manager Messaging hunt group number can be called and It works fine. 

What can the problem be? 

A. Send all calls Is not activated at the Station 

B. Voicemail is currently down 

C. The station does not have the correct coverage option set. 

D. A portion of the voice channels show a state of MANOOS. 


Q33. You are performing an update of Communication Manager Messaging (CMM). 

How do you update the Communication Manager Messaging software beginning in release 6.0.1? 

A. Download the current Service Pack from support.avaya.com or p1ds.avaya.com and apply it via 

B. System Platform Console Domain under Server Management > Patch Management 

C. Choose the latest update file from the list of updates, available on the Communication Manager server hard drive and double-click to Install. 

D. Download the current Service Pack from support.avaya.com or pids-avaya.com and apply it the System Management Interface 

E. Download the current Remote field Updates from support.avaya.com and apply it via the system Management Interface. 


Q34. Which non-Communication Manager tool or interface is helpful in monitoring virtual machines like Communication Manager Release 6.0? 

A. Avaya Fault and Performance Manager 

B. Avaya Site Administration 

C. Avaya Network Management Console 

D. Avaya Aura. System Platform 


Q35. Telephone bills indicate an unusual level of usage of outbound traffic on the inbound-only trunk. Which command would you use to validate that calls are not being made on the inbound trunk group only? 

A. list trace tac 

B. List measurement route-pattern 

C. C. List measurements trunk-group 

D. List measurements call-rate 


Explanation: Page 164 Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Reports 

Q36. An IP telephone is registered and has dial tone, but Telephones In the same work area work properly. 

What Is the likely source of the problem? 

A. Faulty gateway port 

B. Incorrect dial plan 

C. Station administration 

D. Trunk group administrator 


Q37. A number of LSPs have taken over due to a network failure or a defective server, where the course is undetermined. 

In which two ways can the system be returned to its normal configuration? (Choose two) 

A. Automatically, after the system clock reset 

B. Automatically, after the next save translation command 

C. Automatically, based on call volumes or schedule 

D. Only after incorrect administration is connected 

E. On-demand (forced. fallback 

Answer: CE 

Q38. A user is unable to complete a call and you have initially determined that the user dialed a valid number. You have replicated the conditions and have run a list trace station report; however you would like a complementary log file to confirm the report. A. Log manager debug trace 

B. Communication Manager restart log 

C. Linux syslog 

D. Linux access security log 

E. Linux scheduled task (CRON) 



Page 232 Maintenance Procedures for Communication Manager, Media Gateways and Servers 

Q39. You need to create a now mailbox so that subscriber can send priority mail messages and file attachments using Internet Messaging. 

How do you enable a subscriber to send priority mail messages and file attachments using internet Messaging from the Messaging/ Administration > Subscriber Management COS Sections > PERMISSIONS > menu? 

A. Type = none 

Priority Messages = yes 

MCAPI Message Transfer = yes, 

MCAPI Access = yes 

B. Type = call-answer, 

Priority Messages – yes 

MCAPI Message Transfer — no, 

MCAPI Access = yes 

C. Type - none. 

Priority Messages = no, 

MCAPI Message transfer = yes, MCAPI Access = yes 

D. Type = call-answer 

Priority Messages = yes, 

MCAPI message transfer = yes, 

MCAPI Access = no 


Q40. A subscriber is not able to receive new messages. The voice messaging administrator checks the system and notices a large number of threshold exceptions for the subscriber. The administrator needs to resolve the threshold warnings and enable the subscriber’s mailbox to receive new message without affecting existing messages. 

What would you recommend to the voice messaging administrator? 

A. Log into the system using Profile 18 and Increase the mailbox space on the Subscriber or COS. 

B. Log into the system using Profile 18 and decrease the message retention time on the Subscribers or COS screens. 

C. Log Into the system using Profile 19 and increase the message retention time on the Subscribers or COS screens. 

D. Log into the system using profile 19 and decrease the message retention time on the Subscriber or COS screens.