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Q11. Which two functionalities does Avaya Aura. Utility Server provide? (Choose two) 

A. Station and voice mailbox integration 

B. TN circuit pack firmware upgrades 

C. HTTP server to facilitate gateway firmware upgrades 

D. TFTP server to facilitate gateway firmware upgrades 

E. HTTP server to facilitate IP telephone settings updates 

Answer: DE 


Reference 03-603628 Accessing and Managing Utility Server, Page 7 and page 26 

Q12. You are configuring a subscriber’s mailbox and need to enable the call answer and other standard mailbox capabilities. 

Which type of permission should you choose to allow both capabilities? 

A. None 

B. Auto-attendant 

C. Bulletin-board 

D. Call-answer 


Q13. When using SIP integration for Communication Manager Messaging and fax Messaging is going to be used, to what should the mode for fax on the ip-codec-set form be set? 

A. Relay 

B. T.38-standard 

C. T.30-standard 

D. Standard 


Explanation: 56 Implementing Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Messaging Federal 

Q14. You have administered a mailbox as an auto attendant but calls are not redirected when a presses 0 or *0. 

Which option is most likely cause? 

A. CALL TRANSFER OUT OP MESSAGING > Transfer Type dropdown menu > Enhanced cover 

B. CALL TRANSFER OUT OP MESSAGING > transfer Type drop-down menu > Non 

C. AUTOMATED ATTENDANT MENU> Treatment drop-down menu > call-answer. 

D. AUTOMATED ATTENDANT MENU> Treatment drop-down menu 


Q15. A Communication Manager Messaging user reports that someone is accessing their mailbox and deleting messages. 

Which logs would you check to see who logins into the mailbox and message status 

A. Administrators Log 

B. Subscriber Log 

C. Mailbox Log 

D. Activity Log 


Q16. With the trend toward convergence, more customers have been connecting their port networks at remote locations across a WAN connection from Communication Manager. 

Which timing consideration typically affects these remote port networks? 

A. CLAN timers can be administrator from 3-15 seconds. 

B. IPSI timers can be administrator from 3-15 seconds 

C. the CM primary Search Timer can be administrator from 15-3600 seconds 

D. H.248 Link Bounce Timer can be administered from 1-30 seconds. 

E. H.323 Link Bounce Timer can be administered from 1-60 seconds 


Q17. The Communication manager trunk group that carries calls to Communication Manager Messaging in H.323 integration should have which option in the Group Type field? 

A. H.323 



D. Q.931 


Q18. Your company has received notice that Communication Manager (CM) update is available, and CM update also requires an update to System Platform (SP) How, and In what order, do you perform the updates? 

A. leave SP at current version, and then update CM only 

B. Update CM first, then update SP. 

C. Update SP First and then update CM 

D. Perform the updates according to the PCN/PSN. 


Q19. Communication Manager Messaging users are reporting that their message lights do not come on when broadcast messages are delivered to their mailboxes. 

How can this be resolved? 

A. Set up the broadcast mailbox to automatically turn on message notification. 

B. Change the subscriber broadcast permissions to "Both". 

C. Change the system administration screen so that the broadcast message is delivered during the "System Prime Time". 

D. Have the user turn on message notification when the y creates the broadcast message. 


Q20. Avaya communication Manager utilizes several timers that facilitate gateway and endpoint recovery when either is disconnected from their respective resources. 

Which types of link recovery does Communication Manager Support? 

A. H.248 link loss recovery 

B. H. 323 link loss recovery 

C. Both H.248 and H.323 link loss recovery either 

D. Neither H.248 nor H.323 link loss recovery 


Explanation: Page 16 Administering Network Connectivity on Avaya Aura. Communication Manager