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Q71. Richard is a network Administrator working at a student loan company in lowa. This company processes over 20,000 students loan a year from colleges all over the state. Most communication between the company, schools and lenders is carried out through email. Because of privacy laws that are in the process of being implemented, Richard wants to get ahead of the game and become compliant before any sort of auditing occurs. Much of the email communication used at his company contains sensitive information such as social security numbers. For this reason, Richard wants to utilize email encryption agency-wide. The only problem for Richard is that his department only has couple of servers and they are utilized to their full capacity. Since a server-based PKI is not an option for him, he is looking for a low/no cost solution to encrypt email. 

What should Richard use? 



C. 3DES 


Answer: A

Explanation: PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is an encryption program being used for secure transmission of files and e-mails. This adapts public-key encryption technology in which pairs of keys are used to maintain secure communication. For PGP-based communication both the sender and receiver should have public and private key pairs. The sender's public key should be distributed to the receiver. Similarly, the receiver's public key should be distributed to the sender. When sending a message or a file, the sender can sign using his private key. Also, the sender's private key is never distributed. All encryption is made on the workstation sending the e-mail. 

Q72. Bob is acknowledged as a hacker of repute and is popular among visitors of “underground” sites. Bob is willing to share his knowledge with those who are willing to learn, and many have expressed their interest in learning from him. However, this knowledge has a risk associated with it, as it can be used for malevolent attacks as well. 

In this context, what would be the most affective method to bridge the knowledge gap between the “black” hats or crackers and the “white” hats or computer security professionals? (Choose the test answer) 

A. Educate everyone with books, articles and training on risk analysis, vulnerabilities and safeguards. 

B. Hire more computer security monitoring personnel to monitor computer systems and networks. 

C. Make obtaining either a computer security certification or accreditation easier to achieve so more individuals feel that they are a part of something larger than life. 

D. Train more National Guard and reservist in the art of computer security to help out in times of emergency or crises. 

Answer: A

Explanation: Bridging the gap would consist of educating the white hats and the black hats equally so that their knowledge is relatively the same. Using books, articles, the internet, and professional training seminars is a way of completing this goal. 

Q73. You work for Acme Corporation as Sales Manager. The company has tight network security restrictions. You are trying to steal data from the company's Sales database (Sales.xls) and transfer them to your home computer. Your company filters and monitors traffic that leaves from the internal network to the Internet. How will you achieve this without raising suspicion? 

A. Encrypt the Sales.xls using PGP and e-mail it to your personal gmail account 

B. Package the Sales.xls using Trojan wrappers and telnet them back your home computer 

C. You can conceal the Sales.xls database in another file like photo.jpg or other files and send it out in an innocent looking email or file transfer using Steganography techniques 

D. Change the extension of Sales.xls to sales.txt and upload them as attachment to your hotmail account 

Answer: C

Q74. Which of the following type of scanning utilizes automated process of proactively identifying vulnerabilities of the computing systems present on a network? 

A. Port Scanning 

B. Single Scanning 

C. External Scanning 

D. Vulnerability Scanning 

Answer: D

Q75. While scanning a network you observe that all of the web servers in the DMZ are responding to ACK packets on port 80. 

What can you infer from this observation? 

A. They are using Windows based web servers. 

B. They are using UNIX based web servers. 

C. They are not using an intrusion detection system. 

D. They are not using a stateful inspection firewall. 

Answer: D

Explanation: If they used a stateful inspection firewall this firewall would know if there has been a SYN-ACK before the ACK. 

Improved 312-50 free question:

Q76. When working with Windows systems, what is the RID of the true administrator account? 

A. 500 

B. 501 

C. 1000 

D. 1001 

E. 1024 

F. 512 

Answer: A

Explanation: Because of the way in which Windows functions, the true administrator account always has a RID of 500. 

Q77. You are scanning into the target network for the first time. You find very few conventional ports open. When you attempt to perform traditional service identification by connecting to the open ports, it yields either unreliable or no results. You are unsure of what protocols are being used. You need to discover as many different protocols as possible. Which kind of scan would you use to do this? 

A. Nmap with the –sO (Raw IP packets) switch 

B. Nessus scan with TCP based pings 

C. Nmap scan with the –sP (Ping scan) switch 

D. Netcat scan with the –u –e switches 

Answer: A

Explanation: Running Nmap with the –sO switch will do a IP Protocol Scan. The IP protocol scan is a bit different than the other nmap scans. The IP protocol scan is searching for additional IP protocols in use by the remote station, such as ICMP, TCP, and UDP. If a router is scanned, additional IP protocols such as EGP or IGP may be identified. 

Q78. You want to capture Facebook website traffic in Wireshark. What display filter should you use that shows all TCP packets that contain the word 'facebook'? 

A. display==facebook 

B. traffic.content==facebook 

C. tcp contains facebook 

D. list.display.facebook 

Answer: C

Q79. Neil is closely monitoring his firewall rules and logs on a regular basis. Some of the users have complained to Neil that there are a few employees who are visiting offensive web site during work hours, without any consideration for others. Neil knows that he has an up-to-date content filtering system and such access should not be authorized. What type of technique might be used by these offenders to access the Internet without restriction? 

A. They are using UDP that is always authorized at the firewall 

B. They are using HTTP tunneling software that allows them to communicate with protocols in a way it was not intended 

C. They have been able to compromise the firewall, modify the rules, and give themselves proper access 

D. They are using an older version of Internet Explorer that allow them to bypass the proxy server 

Answer: B

Q80. Jake is a network administrator who needs to get reports from all the computer and network devices on his network. Jake wants to use SNMP but is afraid that won't be secure since passwords and messages are in clear text. How can Jake gather network information in a secure manner? 

A. He can use SNMPv3 

B. Jake can use SNMPrev5 

C. He can use SecWMI 

D. Jake can use SecSNMP 

Answer: A

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