Shortcuts To 312-50(31 to 40)

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2021 Apr 312-50 exam topics

Q31. StackGuard (as used by Immunix), ssp/ProPolice (as used by OpenBSD), and Microsoft's /GS option use _____ defense against buffer overflow attacks. 

A. Canary 

B. Hex editing 

C. Format checking 

D. Non-executing stack 

Answer: A

Explanation: Canaries or canary words are known values that are placed between a buffer and control data on the stack to monitor buffer overflows. When the buffer overflows, it will clobber the canary, making the overflow evident. This is a reference to the historic practice of using canaries in coal mines, since they would be affected by toxic gases earlier than the miners, thus providing a biological warning system. 

Q32. Which of the following best describes session key creation in SSL? 

A. It is created by the server after verifying theuser's identity 

B. It is created by the server upon connection by the client 

C. It is created by the client from the server's public key 

D. It is created by the client after verifying the server's identity 

Answer: D

Explanation: An SSL session always begins with an exchange of messages called the SSL handshake. The handshake allows the server to authenticate itself to the client using public-key techniques, then allows the client and the server to cooperate in the creation of symmetric keys used for rapid encryption, decryption, and tamper detection during the session that follows. Optionally, the handshake also allows the client to authenticate itself to the server. 

Q33. Which of the following is an automated vulnerability assessment tool. 

A. Whack a Mole 

B. Nmap 

C. Nessus 

D. Kismet 

E. Jill32 


Explanation: Nessus is a vulnerability assessment tool. 

Q34. The network administrator at Spears Technology, Inc has configured the default gateway Cisco Router’s access-list as below: 

You are tried to conduct security testing on their network. You successfully brute-force for SNMP community string using a SNMP crack tool. The access-list configured at the router prevents you from establishing a successful connection. 

You want to retrieve the Cisco Configuration from the router. How would you proceed? 

A. Send a customized SNMP set request with spoofed source IP Address in the range- 

B. Run a network sniffer and capture the returned traffic with the configuration file from the router 

C. Run Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunneling protocol from your computer to the router masking your IP address 

D. Use the Cisco’s TFTP default password to connect and download the configuration file 

Answer: AB

Explanation: SNMP is allowed only by access-list 1. Therefore you need to spoof a address and then sniff the reply from the gateway. 

Q35. Bart is looking for a Windows NT/2000/XP command-line tool that can be used to assign, display, or modify ACL’s (access control lists) to files or folders and also one that can be used within batch files. 

Which of the following tools can be used for that purpose? (Choose the best answer) 

A. PERM.exe 

B. CACLS.exe 

C. CLACS.exe 

D. NTPERM.exe 


Explanation: Cacls.exe is a Windows NT/2000/XP command-line tool you can use to assign, display, or modify ACLs (access control lists) to files or folders. Cacls is an interactive tool, and since it's a command-line utility, you can also use it in batch files. 

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Q36. You are footprinting an organization to gather competitive intelligence. You visit the company’s website for contact information and telephone numbers but do not find it listed there. You know that they had the entire staff directory listed on their website 12 months ago but not it is not there. 

How would it be possible for you to retrieve information from the website that is outdated? 

A. Visit google’s search engine and view the cached copy. 

B. Visit web site to retrieve the Internet archive of the company’s website. 

C. Crawl the entire website and store them into your computer. 

D. Visit the company’s partners and customers website for this information. 

Answer: B


Explanation: mirrors websites and categorizes them by date and month depending on the crawl time. dates back to 1996, Google is incorrect because the cache is only as recent as the latest crawl, the cache is over-written on each subsequent crawl. Download the website is incorrect because that's the same as what you see online. Visiting customer partners websites is just bogus. The answer is then Firmly, C, 

Q37. Bob is a Junior Administrator at is searching the port number of POP3 in a file. The partial output of the file is look like: 

In which file he is searching? 

A. services 

B. protocols 

C. hosts 

D. resolve.conf 

Answer: A

Explanation: The port numbers on which certain standard services are offered are defined in the RFC 1700 Assigned Numbers. The /etc/services file enables server and client programs to convert service names to these numbers -ports. The list is kept on each host and it is stored in the file /etc/services. 

Q38. A particular database threat utilizes a SQL injection technique to penetrate a target system. How would an attacker use this technique to compromise a database? 

A. An attacker uses poorly designed input validation routines to create or alter SQL commands to gain access to unintended data or execute commands of the database 

B. An attacker submits user input that executes an operating system command to compromise a target system 

C. An attacker gains control of system to flood the target system with requests, preventing legitimate users from gaining access 

D. An attacker utilizes an incorrect configuration that leads to access with higher-than-expected privilege of the database 

Answer: A

Explanation: Using the poorly designed input validation to alter or steal data from a database is a SQL injection attack. 

Q39. This attack technique is used when a Web application is vulnerable to an SQL Injection but the results of the Injection are not visible to the attacker. 

A. Unique SQL Injection 

B. Blind SQL Injection 

C. Generic SQL Injection 

D. Double SQL Injection 

Answer: B

Q40. Neil is a network administrator working in Istanbul. Neil wants to setup a protocol analyzer on his network that will receive a copy of every packet that passes through the main office switch. What type of port will Neil need to setup in order to accomplish this? 

A. Neil will have to configure a Bridged port that will copy all packets to the protocol analyzer. 

B. Neil will need to setup SPAN port that will copy all network traffic to the protocol analyzer. 

C. He will have to setup an Ether channel port to get a copy of all network traffic to the analyzer. 

D. He should setup a MODS port which will copy all network traffic. 

Answer: B