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Which one of the following statements is TRUE about kinesthetic learners?

  • A. They benefit most from reading the information.
  • B. They benefit from having information diagrammed.
  • C. They react well to scenarios and stories.
  • D. They are hands-on learners.
  • E. They prefer lectures versus hands-on experience.

Answer: C

You are delivering a lecture to a new group of learners. At different points in the lecture students have problems understanding the new concepts. Select two techniques below that you can use to help them overcome their confusion:

  • A. Give additional examples about the concept.
  • B. Make minor re-sequencing of activities to meet learner's needs-
  • C. Restate the information you just gave about the concept.

Answer: A

You are introducing a lesson to a group of students. After presenting the objectives of the lesson, you tell a three minute story. You look around the classroom and the students seem perplexed and confused.
Which one of the following is the main reason for the students' reaction in the above scenario?

  • A. You should have used an analogy.
  • B. The story included some startling or shocking statements.
  • C. The story was too long.
  • D. The story did NOT relate to the objectives you presented.
  • E. The story was NOT funny.

Answer: D

An instructor is teaching an e Business class in Seattle Washington during a category 7.5 earthquake. The instructor is standing and feels the earth shacking and opening up under him/her. The instructor jumps to the ground and find protection under a table. The projector shakes off the ceiling and nearly hits a student named Fuck. The goal of the instructor over everything else is to maintain safe learning environment.
Address where the action taken by the instructor of jumping under the table will meet that stated goal.

  • A. Likely, as the instructor is alive and can now resolve student safety issues.
  • B. Likely, as the instructor realized that such natural disasters are exception to his duty.
  • C. Because instructor's safety comes before the students
  • D. Unlikely, as the instructor met his/her needs and not the safety needs of the students.

Answer: A

Which e-Business certifications does EC-Council offer?(Select three)

  • A. Certified Computer Operator
  • B. Certified E++Technical Consultant
  • C. Certified e-Business Consultant
  • D. Certified e-Business Associate
  • E. Certified Project Manager
  • F. Certified e-Business Professional

Answer: CDF

Mrs. Roper is instructing an adult computer class. She overhears Johnny tell a joke that is offensive to an ethnic group. This is NOT the first instance of Johnny displaying this behavior. She is concerned about the effect this will have on the learning environment.

  • A. Speak to Johnny in private about the consequences of continuing his behavior.
  • B. Ask other members of the class if they found the Joke to be offensive to determine if further action is necessary.
  • C. -DELETED-
  • D. Talk to facility management and get the student removed from the class.
  • E. Criticize Johnny's behavior in front of the entire class, encouraging class members to contribute their feelings.

Answer: D

Mrs. Keen's accounting students are having difficulty with accounts payable concepts. She develops a package of material that contains contracts, receiving reports, and invoices. She tells her students to make the proper accounting entries using the documents. She is available to provide guidance on how to use the materials. What type of simulation is illustrated in the above case?

  • A. Gaming
  • B. Group Work
  • C. Equipment
  • D. Case study
  • E. Brainstorming

Answer: D

What is the PRIMARY reason for using a variety of media in a presentation?

  • A. To confirm effectiveness of course design
  • B. To enhance instructor credibility
  • C. To demonstrate subject matter expertise
  • D. To receive favorable evaluations from the student
  • E. To maintain learner attention and interest

Answer: E

The most important reason an instructor must establish and maintain credibility is:

  • A. Students are less likely to make personal attacks on the instructor.
  • B. Students rail not be open to learning course objectives if they do not fully accept the instructor credibility.
  • C. Students need a role model.

Answer: B

Which of the following ate defined as Instructor Competencies according to Ibstpi standards?

  • A. Demonstrate effective question and skills and techniques
  • B. Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • C. Establish and maintain instructor credibility
  • D. Analyze course material and learner information

Answer: ABC

Before a class is started, it is instructor's role is to do all of the following before the class commences:

  • A. The adequacy of the facility is confirmed.
  • B. Room status report is written and given to courseware designer.
  • C. Make sure learner supplies and courseware are ready and neat.
  • D. Equipment is checked to make sure it is operable.

Answer: ACD

An instructor's role is to do all of the following except:

  • A. Make adjustments to meet student's needs.
  • B. Make changes to meet instructor's preferences.
  • C. Make sure learning materials are current

Answer: B

You are teaching a class and find yourself n an embarrassing moment. You have used a word that has a double meaning and the students are laughing and a few of the real left-brainers are personally offended. You did not intend the reference that the class has accepted into your vocabulary.

  • A. Contact your training manager and ask him/her to write a memo to the students as an apology.
  • B. Move forward and ignore the issue.
  • C. Make a clarification that you did not intend the inappropriate reference to the word used and give an apology and move on swiftly.
  • D. Laugh and look at the students in their eyes for approval.

Answer: C

Sheryl often uses incorrect grammar in her questions and answers.
Referring to the above scenario, how do you tactfully indicate the correct grammar usage?

  • A. Restate her question or answer in correct grammar.
  • B. Only answer questions and acknowledge her answers
  • C. Interrupt her questions or answers so it does NOT aggravate other students.
  • D. Privately criticize her grammar on the next break.
  • E. Privately criticize her grammar on the next break and tell her if it does NOT improve, you will be critical of her grammar in front of the class.

Answer: B

Which one of the following is a CORRECT statement about using viewgraphs,slides, overheads, or transparencies?

  • A. Presenters should keep their eyes on their slides to make certain they do not forget any points.
  • B. Viewgraphs, overheads, or transparencies should be read.
  • C. Viewgraphs, slides, overheads, or transparencies should be simple and should use bullet statements whenever possible.
  • D. There should be a minimum of eight points on viewgraphs, overheads, or transparencies.
  • E. There is NO need to cover every point on viewgraphs, overheads, or transparencies.

Answer: C

Which one of the following statements is TRUE about auditory learners?

  • A. They react well to scenarios and stores.
  • B. They tend to lose interest if there is little or no external stimulation.
  • C. They use color highlighters and take notes by drawing pictures.
  • D. They benefit from having outlines, agendas, and handouts for reading and taking notes.
  • E. They are hands-on learners.

Answer: A

You are teaching a class in which two students are talking with each other and disrupting the learning environment. Select three methods below that you might use to give the students a message to stop the disruptive talking:(Select three)

  • A. Maintain the self esteem of the talking students while correcting them.
  • B. Use facial gestures and eye contact to communicate with the students.
  • C. Move yourself near the talking students.
  • D. Directly address the students and ask them to shut up.

Answer: ABC

Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good question?

  • A. Short enough for students to remember
  • B. Stated so that it suggests an answer
  • C. Stated in a language familiar to the student
  • D. Constructed to stress the key points of a lesson
  • E. Stated to require a simple yes or no answer

Answer: B


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