3203 practice exam(11 to 20) for IT candidates: Oct 2021 Edition

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Q11. What is entered into the "IP address of each appliance” field when defining a cluster? 

A. OneMessaging IP address for each member in the cluster 

B. One IP address for each management computer in the cluster 

C. the cdom IP addresses for all members in the cluster 

D. the IP addresses for all Storage servers in the cluster 

Answer:  A 

Q12. A customerhas a singleserverconfiguration, whose theapplicationroleand The storage role are on the same server (as in the Single server configuration). Users are able to leave messages and retrieve well, but when they log into the mailbox it prompts, "Some features may not be available at the moment". Additionally, when they review and press 7 to delete the message, they receive the error deleting messages did not work temporarily. What are two troubleshooting checks that should be conducted? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify the AxC address setting is local host IP 

B. Verify thatthe IMAP4 ports are enabled under Messaging System (Storage) > System Ports Access. 

C. Ensure that there is an additional application server for redundancy. 

D. A cache reload is recommended to ensure that the messages get flushed properly. 

E. Verify theNightly maintenanceschedule in Advanced (Application) > System Operations. 

Answer:  DE 

Q13. For which three options does the Application Role use Dial rules? (Choose three.) 

A. Dial rules are not used by the application role; it is used by the storage role 

B. Reach Me 

C. Notify Me via text message 

D. Play on Phone 

E. Personal Attendant 

Answer:  BDE 

Q14. Which IP codec set is supported for Avaya Aura Messaging? 

A. G.711 

B. G.729 

C. G.723 

D. G.722 

Answer:  A 

Q15. What are two accurate statements regarding the safety requirements for installing the Avaya Aura Messaging server into the rack? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify that the rack islevel and stable before extending the server from the rack. 

B. Verify that the total AC supply branch circuit that supplies power to the rack does not exceeded of the branch circuit rating. 

C. Make sure to leave open space above and below your installed server to ensure proper air circulation. 

D. When installing a high capacity server which contains clu.il power supplies you must install the cable management arm. 

Answer:  AB 

Q16. You are completing the initial configuration of the Avaya Aura Messaging system and have added the system postmaster mailbox under the User Management menu. When you continue adding user mailboxes, you are prompted that the system postmaster mailbox has not yet been configured. Which additional steps must you complete for the messaging system to recognize and accept the postmaster mailbox you have created? 

A. The postmaster mailbox must be entered twice into the system, once as a user mailbox and or as an information mailbox. 

B. The postmaster mailbox will not be recognized until the system is rebooted. 

C. The postmastermailboxnumberneeds to beentered and savedIn the Internet Postmaster Mailbox Number field under the Messaging System (Storage) > System Mailboxes menu. 

D. The postmaster mailbox needs to be created as a trusted server under the Server Settings (Storage) >Trusted Servers menu. 

Answer:  C 

Q17. As a member of the IT infrastructure team, you have been assigned the job of network planning for the Implementation of Avaya Aura Messaging in your environment. You need in ensure that your network Domain Name Server (DNS) record includes appropriate messaging information What are two important Avaya recommendations to consider during the process (Choose two.) 

A. Create a SIG record for the Messaging Server in the DNS record 

B. Create an "A" record for the Messaging Server in the DNS record. 

C. Create a CNAME record for the Messaging Server in the DNS record. 

D. Create an LOC record for the Messaging server in the DNS record. 

E. Create an MX record for the Messaging server in the DNS record. 

Answer:  AC 

Q18. In a single-site, multi-application server configuration containing application servers named: Ap1, App2, and App3, a user logged into App1 and updated their password. A few minutes later the back into Avaya Aura Messaging and this time the call is handled by App7. When the user attempts to log in with the new password, the login attempt on App2 fails since the system does not recognize new password. What would be the reason for this? 

A. The application servers at that site are not clustered. 

B. The trusted servers configuration on App2 is Incomplete. C. The Global Address List (GAL) reload was not successful. D. The telephony integration for App2 is missing. 

Answer:  A 

Q19. How versatile is Avaya Aura Messaging Release 6.1 regarding where voice messages are stored? 

A. A user can have voice messages stored in multiple storage destinations (Avaya Message store exchange,zimbraat the same time. 

B. Anadministratorcanselect astoragedestinationfor thesystem(eitherAvaya Message Store, Exchange, or Zimbra)and all users will then have to use that storage destination. 

C. Users can only have voice messages stored In the Avaya Message Store. 

D. A user can have voice messages stored in either the Avaya Message Store or in one of the external storage destinations (Exchange or Zimbra) configured by the administrator. 

Answer:  D 

Q20. While configuring Avaya Aura Messaging 6.x for SIP Integration, we can provide a list of servers with which it can integrate. When the Messaging Server places an outgoing call, which server in the list would it use to send the call? 

A. the first Trusted Host server 

B. the same server which received the incoming request 

C. the first server that accepts the connection in the order listed on the Telephony integration screen 

D. The Server to which messaging has the shortest route 

Answer:  C