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Q1. Which three are included in a System? 

A. Site Information 

B. File System usage 

C. Licensed Mailbox usage 

D. Networked Machines 

E. Call Processing Delays 

Answer:  ACD 

Q2. You are using the server console to install System Platform software on an Avaya Aura Messaging server. You have turned on the server. Inserted the DVD software into the DVD drive, and the Avaya screen is displayed. Allot about 30 seconds the system displays a 'waiting for Telnet connection-message and the installation process halts. Which process will allow you to continue using the server console to complete the installation? 

A. Eject the DVD from the server and verify you have the correct software. 

B. Insert the System Platform DVD again and wait three minutes for the installation to continue. 

C. Reset the server to restart the installation. Within 30 seconds of the system displaying the Avaya screen, press Enter or type "vspmediacheck" to verily the image on the DVD is not corrupt. 

D. Disable Telnet services by entering the command "disable telnet" then reset the server. 

E. The server console cannot be used for installation of System Platform software. You must establish a Telnet/SSH session from your laptop to continue the installation. 

Answer:  C 

Q3. As part of the installation, the customer will create a DNS record called "avayamsg". Where should the DNS record be directed in a multi-server system? 

A. the application server closest to the majority of the users 

B. the storage server 

C. any of the application servers, it does not matter which one 

D. the Exchange server with the Avaya Voice Message form for Microsoft Outlook 

Answer:  B 

Q4. Greg calls Judy, who is not available. The call is transferred to an application server (named App1). App1 handles the call where a call answer message was recorded. The network connectivity to the storage server is lost and Judy logs into another application server in the cluster (App2). What is the expected outcome? 

A. Judy logs in successfully but is informed that the systemisin offline mode, and cannot listen the new message that was left by Greg. 

B. Judy logs in successfully but is informed that the system is in offline mode. She is still able to listen to the latest message that was recorded by Greg. 

C. Judy's login is not successful as her password cannot be validated as the system is in offline mode. 

D. Judy can retrieve the new message if she logs into App1 but not when she logs into App2. 

Answer:  D 

Q5. A client wants to add a new set of user mailboxes with support for fax messages and a simplecall answering voice messagefeature set.Whichfeaturelicensetype seats availability would you verify before proceeding with user creation for the system to continue working under the Normal license mode? 





Answer:  A 

Q6. In which screenwould you look to see which CommunicationManager, System Platform and Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) service packs are currently available and active on the messaging system? 

A. Open the System Management Interface and navigate to Messaging Administration > Server Maintenance > Server Configuration > Display Server configuration. 

B. Open the System Management Interface and navigate to MessagingAdministration > Messaging>Reports > System Evaluation. 

C. Open the cdom and navigate to ServerManagement PatchManagement > Manage. 

D. Open the cdom and navigate to ServerManagement >System Configuration. 

Answer:  C 

Q7. Your customer has purchased an Avaya High Capacity Storage Server to be used with their deployment of Avaya Aura Messaging. Which additional hardware needs to be added to the server prior to installation? 

A. A second power supply needs to be added to the server to support the High Capacity config of the server. 

B. An additional four GB of system memory should be installed to support the High Capacity configuration of the server. 

C. An external CD/DVD drive needs to be connected to one of the USB ports so that system configuration can take place. 

D. No additional hardware needs to be added to the server, it will arrive with all appropriate components and memory required. 

Answer:  D 

Q8. A manager claims that mailbox 5608 is dormant and has not being used for more than 30 days. Where would you verify this information? 

A. the application server 

B. the Users and Uninitialized Mailboxes reports 

C. the Uninitialized Mailboxes report 

D. the User Activity log 

Answer:  D 

Q9. In Avaya Aura Messaging, a toolbar is used to integrate it more closely with Microsoft Outlook. As an Exchange administrator, what are the three prerequisite you need to perform? (Choose three) 

A. Verity that Exchange has the appropriate forms folders (libraries); if it does not, create them 

B. Use Microsoft Outlook to add the voice message forms to the forms folders in Exchange. 

C. Use the Exchange management console to add the voice message forms to the forms folder Exchange. 

D. Ensure the forms library folder has "Owner" rights under Client permissions for the account you will use to add the forms. 

E. Ensure the formslibraryfolder has"Read and execute" rightsunder Client Permissions, for the account that you will use to add the forms. 

Answer:  ABD 

Q10. The customer is using Microsoft Exchange Server as a storage server with Avaya Aura Messaging. How will the customer access the mailbox? 

A. using only the desk phone and Microsoft Outlook 

B. using only Microsoft Outlook 

C. using only the desk phone and mobile phone 

D. using a phone, Microsoft Outlook on the PC, Outlook WebAccess from any location, and any client configured to work with the Exchange account 

Answer:  D