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Q31. A customer wants to use the high encryption method to encrypt their messages. Which option under ip codec-set should be set to "high encryption" while integrating Avaya Aura Messaging with Avaya Communication Manager? 


B. 1 srtp-aescm 128hmac80 

C. 2-srtp-aescm 128-hmac32 


Answer:  B 

Q32. You have administered a network connection to a remote messaging server.You leave the Avaya Aura Messaging system ports at their default settings and administer the remote. LDAP port on the network machine as 55000. When you test the network connection, updates between the Avaya Aura Messaging system and the networked machine fail. What it is the likely reason for the failure? 

A. The Aura Messaging Firewall Service is not configured to allow traffic on port 55000. 

B. The networked machine's IP address has not been added to the external hosts file. 

C. Maximum Simultaneous LDAP Directory Update Sessions Is still administered as zero. 

D. The default port for network update traffic is 56389, not 55000. 

Answer:  A 

Q33. A customer has purchased an Avaya High Capacity Storage Server to be used with their deployment of Avaya Aura Messaging. Which template is required to be used on this server? 

A. Msg_Standard.ovf 

B. Msg_4xl46GB_HDD.ovf 

C. Msg_HighAvailabilty.ovf 

D. Msg_HighCapacity.ovf 

E. Msg_5x200GB_HDD.ovf 

Answer:  B 

Q34. You are completing the installation tasks for an Avaya Aura Messaging server and are ready to install the Messaging software. Prior to loading the software, which three steps must be completed before proceeding? (Choose three) 

A. System Platform software has been loaded with the latest approved patches and service packs 

B. Planning forms for installing Messaging have been printed arid are available. 

C. The Messaging service is running on the Application server. 

D. "Pop-ups" are enabled in your Web Browser. 

E. A trusted server has been created in the Storage server. 

Answer:  ABD 

Q35. In completing the configuration of the customer's Avaya Aura Messaging system, you are attempting to log on to the system with an Avaya services login such as "craft." You are being prompted password, but cannot gain access. What is preventing your access? 

A. The authentication file created from .in Avaya service support system has not been downloaded tothe messaging server. 

B. The Avaya service login is not used with Aura Messaging and you must ask the customer to provide you with a login. 

C. The services login has expired and must first be reset by the default Admin login 

D. The system must be rebooted in order for the service logins to be activated. 

Answer:  A 

Q36. You have installed the messaging template and are attempting to log in using the browser Interface are receiving an error in the browser that indicates the server is not responding. Where would you go to see the status of the messaging virtual machine? 

A. Connect to the System Management Interface and navigate to Software Management Verification. 

B. Connect to the SystemManagementInterfaceand navigate to Diagnostics > Diagnostics(Application). 

C. Connect to the cdom > Virtual Machine Management > Manage. 

D. Connect to the cdom>server Management > Server Status. 

Answer:  C 

Q37. In preparation for an installation of an Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) server, you notice the customer's provided server rack contains several other existing components but that it meets the space and physical requirements to house the addition of a new AAM server. What should you do? 

A. Continue with the installation of the new server as the existing servers in the rack are running fine and no problems have been experienced. 

B. Advise the customer that the installation requirements call for power to be supplied from a non- switched electrical outlet and that the total rack load power draw needs to be evaluated prior installing the server. 

C. Move the server rack closer to another wall mounted electrical outlet so that the new server can be plugged directly into the wall. 

D. Test the power load of the rack by plugging the new server in prior to installing it to see if it will power up. 

Answer:  B 

Q38. In which threelocations can servicepacks be retrievedto installan Avaya Aura Messaging system? (Choose three.) 

A. Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS) 

B. System Platform Server 

C. FTP Server 

D. SCP Server 

E. Local file system 

Answer:  ABE 

Q39. Your customer is planning to setup a topology which spans across the following cities: Site Extension Length Boston 5 Atlanta 5 Chicago 10 The recommendedtopology will be on a one dedicated storage server with three different app servers where each application server is responsible for one site. The telephony integration is based on E.164. How would the System Management Interface (SMI) Site parameters be configured so that Auto Attendant (AA) allows a short extension and can still uniquely identify the caller? 

A. The site would have a short extension length only. 

B. The site would have a short mailbox length only. 

C. The site would have a Short extension length and a short mailbox length. 

D. The site would have a Short extension length, site prefix, national prefix, and country code. 

Answer:  D 

Q40. What time does an Aura Messaging system perform its automatic backup routine? 

A. at 1:05 AM every weekday 

B. as scheduled by installer 

C. at 3:05 AM everyday 

D. at noon Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

Answer:  B