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Q31. What are two of the benefits of using Expert Agent Selection (EAS)? (Choose two.) 

A. It improves agent performance as supervisors have the option to have agents handle calls based on either skill level or greatest need. 

B. It provides basic reporting on Vectors, Agents, and Trunk Groups. 

C. It facilitates routing of incoming calls to a Voice Response Unit to facilitate self-service. 

D. It provides options for selecting among available agents with the same skill. 

E. It enables recorded announcements to be played to incoming calls. 

Answer: A,D 

Q32. A supervisor wants to endure that a specified group of agents logout at a specified time during the work week. 

How can this be accomplished? 

A. with After Call Work (ACW) Agent Considered Idle 

B. with Forced Agent Logout Time 

C. with Interruptible Aux Notification Timer (sec) 

D. with Maximum Time Agent in ACW before logout (sec) 


Reference:Administering Avaya Aura.Call Center Features 6.0 page 11 

Q33. A situation has come up where it is necessary to have more than one service observer active against a Vector Directory Number (VDN). 

Which two parameters are necessary to make that happen? (Choose two.) 

A. Allow Two Observers in Same Call 

B. Service Observing /SSC Allowed with Exclusion 

C. Service Level Maximizer 

D. serviceobserving(VDN 


Explanation: ReferenceAvaya Aura.Communication Manager Screen Reference page 383 

Q34. An agent has just logged into a skill, but has not made themselves ready to answer queue calls. 

Which work mode is the agent using for that skill? 

A. Auxiliary Work 

B. After Call Work 

C. Extension In 

D. Available 


Q35. As a call center supervisor you have 12 agents that report to you. The Basic Call management System (BCMS) is reporting a particular agent taking 10 calls during a 1 hour interval. The agent is claiming to have taken 100 calls. You find that one of the calls spanned more than one time interval. 

Which statement about Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) explain, the discrepancy in the BCMS report? 

A. ACD calls in process count in the time interval in which they start. 

B. ACD calls in process count in the time interval in which they terminate. 

C. ACD calls in process count in the time interval in which the call duration are the longest. 

D. ACD calls in process count in the time interval in which the call duration are the shortest. 


Explanation: Reference 07-300061 Page 47 

Q36. You want to view the most detailed Basic Call management System (BCMS) data for hunt group 100 for only the current day. 

Which command will accomplish this? 

A. List bcms skill 100 day 

B. List bcms split 100 

C. List bcms summary skill 100 day 

D. List bcms summary split 100 


Q37. The first administered extensions in the hunt-group screen is usually serving a call, and is often referred to as ‘hot seat’. 

What is the name of this call distribution method? 

A. circ 

B. ead-mia 

C. ucd-loa 

D. ddc 


Explanation: ReferenceAdministering Avaya Aura.Communication Managerpage288 

Q38. What provides built-in real and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skill, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and trunk groups? 

A. VvStats 

B. Service level maximize (SLM) 

C. Basic Call management System (BCMS) 

D. Automated Number Identification (ANI) 


Explanation: Reference Avaya Aura.Call Center 6.0 Overview page 19 

Q39. Which Expert Agent Selection (EAS), an agent’s internal login ID is associated with a specific telephone. 

When does this happen? 

A. when the agent's login ID is administered In the switch 

B. when the agent logs in at that telephone 

C. when the telephone extension is configured on the station form 

D. when the station has Auto Answer enabled 


Q40. Which two Vector Directory Number (VDN) parameters are associated with the active VDN? (Choose two) 

A. Class of Restriction (COR) 

B. Tenant Number (TN) 

C. Class of Services (COS) 

D. Measured 

E. VDN Skill 

Answer: B,E 

Explanation: ReferenceProgramming Call Vectors in Avaya Aura.Call Center 6.0 Page 30