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Q21. A customer has Avaya Communications systems located in Detroit, Chicago and Denver. All three systems are connected via ISDN Tie dunks. The customer is implementing multi site Best Services Routing (BSR) to intelligently compare resources and find the best call center to service their calls. Status polls from the Denver location to Detroit consistently fail. 

What are two reasons that could be the root cause for this failure? (Choose two.) 

A. The trunks that tie Denver to Detroit are not Distributed Communication Systems (DCS+) or QSIG. 

B. The agents in Detroit are all in auxiliary work mode. 

C. There is no Best Service Routing application for the active Vector Directory Number (VDN). 

D. The Expected Wait Time for the skill in Detroit is being suppressed. 


Q22. A call center operations manager wants agents to manually enter a code to identify the reason for being in auxiliary (AUX) work status. 

Which feature must be activated on the system-parameters custom-options to allow this? 

A. Call Work Codes 

B. Authorization Codes 

C. Reason Codes 

D. AUX State Codes 


Explanation: Reference :Avaya Aura.Call Center 6.0 Overview Page 26 

Q23. Which three statements are true about configuring a Call Center with the Elite offer? (Choose three) 

A. It is possible to use Vector Directory Number (VDN) skill preferences. 

B. Call Management System (CMS) or IQ must be used as the reporting tool. 

C. It includes Export Agent Selection (EAS) and Business Advocate (BA). 

D. Service Level Maximize (SLM) can be used as a skills-based call distribution type. 

E. SLM can be used as an agent-based call distribution type. 

Answer: C,D 


Q24. Why would a vector skip the step "queue to skill" and go to the next step without planning the call in queue? 

A. because all agents are unavailable or on a call 

B. because no agents are logged in 

C. because the queue limit has been reached in the hunt group 

D. because there is a route-to command after the queue-to command 


Q25. A contact center supervisor frequently uses Call Management System (CMS) to manually move agents into skill that are not primary assignments for those agents, due to the needs of the business and to unexpected fluctuations in call volumes? 

Which feature could automate this process for the supervisor by the activation of reserve agents? 

A. Dynamic Percentage Adjustment 

B. Service Routing 

C. Dynamic Queue Position 

D. Dynamic Threshold Adjustment 

E. Auto Reserve Agents 


Explanation: Reference Avaya Aura.Call Center Feature Reference 6.0 page 357 

Q26. You need to troubleshoot their Best Services Routing polling vectors to verify that they are operating as intended. 

Which command would you use to do this? 

A. List trace trunk 

B. Monitor bcms hunt group 

C. List trace vdn 

D. Monitor bcms trunk 


Q27. A supervisor with console permission can enter an agent's login ID, and add or remove- an agent’s skill via feature access code (FAC). Agents can also dial FAC to add 01 remove a skill. 

Which statement is true about the configuration of this feature? 

A. The supervisors class of restriction (COR) must have the field "Can Force a Work State Change” 

B. The supervisors class of services (COS) must have the field "Add/Remove Agent Skills" set to 


C. The supervisors COR must have the field "Add/Remove Agent Skills" set to y. 

D. The supervisors COS must have the field "Can Force a Work State Change" set to y. 

E. The agent's COS must have the field "Add/remove Agent skills'' set to y. 


Q28. Which two results are modified using "adjust by" when configuring Best Service Routing (BSR)? (Choose two) 

A. It modifies the skill EWT. 

B. It allows the preferences in vectors to be programmed. 

C. It modifies the agent idle time. 

D. It adjusts the skill ASA. 


Q29. A customer wants the ability to request unavailable agents for a specific skill, and have those agents be made available to take calls? 

What calls center feature can provide this ability? 

A. Multiple Call Handling (MCH) 

B. Best Service Routing (BSR) 

C. VuStats 

D. Interruptible Aux Work 


Explanation: Reference Communication Manager Overview page 23 

Q30. A customer is having issues with the amount of calls answered by a certain group of agents 

Which three tools or commands can be used to track call activity in nearly teal time? (Choose three) 

A. Monitor bcms vdn 

B. Monitor traffic hunt group 

C. Administer a vu-display button to monitor calls in queue. 

D. Monitor bcms skill 

E. Administer a q-call button. 

Answer: A,B,D