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Q21. The Service Provider you work for wants to deploy CoS functionality on the P routers of the MPLS core, to provide a complete CoS solution to all customers that purchase services such as dedicated Internet access, MPLS Layer 3 VPN, and Layer 2 VPN (pseudowire). The design requirements are: 

. The network supports four service queues with equal treatment for delay, jitter, 

and packet loss. 

. Queues are numbered 0–3, where 0 is the default queue. 

. Three queues have one treatment, whereas the other queue has either one or two 


. The Service Provider manages control traffic, whereas the customers manage 

business critical and best effort. 

Which two statements could you recommend to allow for the appropriate level of bandwidth allocation? (Choose two.) 

A. Control plane 10%, Real Time 30%, Business Critical 40%, Best Effort 20% 

B. Control plane 80%. Real Time 10%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 5% 

C. Control plane 90%, Real Time 5%, Business Critical 5%, Best Effort 0% 

D. Control plane 20%, Real Time 40%, Business Critical 30%, Best Effort 10% 

Answer: AD 

Q22. Voice traffic between two campus enterprise networks is growing. The network designers decide to add a second 10-Mb Metro Ethernet service parallel to their original 10-Mb service in order to provide more bandwidth and diversity. The QoS profile will be the same on the new 10-Mb service due to the voice stability on the first Metro Ethernet link. When the second link is added to the OSPF domain, which traffic design consideration would have the most impact on the voice traffic when both links are active? 

A. per-destination IP address basis 

B. per-flow basis 

C. per-packet basis 

D. per-source IP address basis 


Q23. Tesla Radio GmbH is going to build a new research lab network based on a set of switches that would connect to their existing enterprise network. They are considering a design that would guarantee loop-free behavior within the set of switches. The design would also allow the group of switches to seem like a single switch to the enterprise network, because it is owned by a separate administrative group. Which Spanning Tree Protocol should be used to support the design requirements? 

A. IEEE 802.1w 

B. IEEE 802.1D 

C. IEEE 802.1s 

D. IEEE 802.1p 


Q24. You are working on a network design plan for a company with approximately 2000 sites. The sites will be connected using the public Internet. You plan to use private IP addressing in the network design, which will be routed without NAT through an encrypted WAN network. Some sites will be connected to the Internet with dynamic public IP addresses, and these addresses may change occasionally. Which VPN solution will support these design requirements? 

A. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

B. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not scale to 2000 sites. 

C. GET VPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with DMVPN through the public Internet. 

D. DMVPN must be used, because private IP addresses cannot be transferred with GET VPN through the public Internet. 

E. GET VPN must be used, because DMVPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. 

F. DMVPN must be used, because GET VPN does not support dynamic IP addresses for some sites. 


Q25. You work as a network designer for a company that is replacing their Frame Relay WAN with an MPLS VPN service, where the PE-to-CE routing protocol is BGP. The company has 3000 routes in their distribution routers, and they would like to advertise their access routers through the MPLS network. Their service provider, however, only supports 1000 prefixes per VRF. Which two design solutions can be applied to ensure that your access routers will be able to reach all devices in your network? (Choose two.) 

A. Use prefix lists on your distribution routers to control which routes are sent to the MPLS network. 

B. On your distribution routers, configure null routes and aggregate routes for the prefixes in your network. 

C. Configure your distribution routers to send a default route to the MPLS network. 

D. Summarize the routes on the MPLS WAN interfaces of your distribution routers. 

Answer: BC 

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Q26. A company supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and they need to be able to support flow-based translations for multiple IPv6 devices to a single IPv4 address. Which address family translation design solution should be recommended? 

A. stateful NAT-PT 


C. stateless NAT64 

D. stateful NAT64 


Q27. Which two options are two advantages of summarizing networks at the aggregation layer rather than at the core? (Choose two.) 

A. It prevents the core from having unnecessary routes. 

B. It no longer needs a core layer. 

C. It prevents black hole routing. 

D. It avoids network-wide impact upon VLAN changes local to the aggregation devices. 

Answer: AD 

Q28. Refer to the exhibit. 

A service provider would like to use Ethernet OAM to detect end-to-end connectivity failures between SP-SW1 and SP-SW2. In which two of these ways can you design this solution? (Choose two.) 

A. Enable Y.1731 Connectivity Fault Management on the SP switches. 

B. E-LMI PDUs must be forwarded over VPLS. 

C. Cisco Discovery Protocol PDUs must be forwarded over the VPLS. 

D. Use upward maintenance endpoints on the SP switches. 

E. Enable IEEE 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management on the SP switches. 

Answer: DE 

Q29. Refer to the exhibit. 

You must ensure that both core A and core B devices have only the minimum information required for reaching the spoke routers yet maintain full reachability during network failures. 

Which of the following design solutions accomplishes these requirements? 

A. Route summarization, with specific route leaking on hubs A and B 

B. Route summarization, with GRE tunnel on hubs A and B 

C. Implement PfR enhancements on hubs A and B. 

D. Implement ODR for hub-to-spoke routing. 


Q30. An MPLS service provider is offering a standard EoMPLS-based VPLS service to Customer A, providing Layer 2 connectivity between a central site and approximately 100 remote sites. Customer A wants to use the VPLS network to carry its internal multicast video feeds, which are sourced at the central site and consist of 20 groups at 5 Mb/s each. Which service provider recommendation is the most scalable? 

A. EoMPLS-based VPLS already carries multicast traffic in a scalable manner. 

B. Replicate the multicast traffic on the P routers. 

C. Replace VPLS with a Layer 3 MVPN solution to carry the streams between sites. 

D. Use GRE tunnels to carry the streams between sites.