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Q11. Which two aspects are considered when designing a dual hub, dual DMVPN cloud topology? (Choose two.) 

A. recommended for high availability 

B. requires all sites to have dual Internet connections C. spoke-to-spoke traffic will transit the hub unless spokes exchange dynamic routing directly 

D. hub sites must connect to both DMVPN clouds 

E. will only work with single-tier headend architecture 

Answer: AE 

Q12. You are designing a Group Encrypted Transport virtual private network solution for an existing branch network. The existing network has the following characteristics: 

. 50 remote sites (with an additional 30 remote sites expected over the next 3 years) . Connectivity between all sites is via Multiprotocol Label Switching Layer 3 virtual private network service from a single provider . Open Shortest Path First is the routing protocol used between provider edge and customer edge routers . The customer edge routers will become group members performing the encryption between sites 

Which additional routing protocol would you use for the overlay routing between the group members? 

A. Open Shortest Path First (with a different process ID) 

B. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol 

C. No additional protocol is necessary. 

D. External Border Gateway Protocol 

E. Routing Information Protocol Version 2 

F. Next Hop Resolution Protocol 


Q13. If a network design must support rapid convergence on half-duplex interfaces, which IEEE 802.1w capability should be used? 

A. root guard 

B. proposal-agreement handshake 

C. loop guard 

D. UplinkFast 


Q14. Company A has grown nationwide in the U.S., and each new remote branch has a Metro Ethernet circuit provisioned back to the data center at the headquarters on the West Coast. The operations team says that it cannot manage hundreds of circuits as the company continues to grow. You review the topology and notice that many of the branches are close to each other in geographical zones. How can you redesign this network to improve manageability and increase scalability? 

A. Add an aggregation layer router in each geographical zone. 

B. Add a redundant data center on the East Coast to serve some of the traffic there. 

C. Add a default route in each branch toward the data center on the West Coast. 

D. Use Optimized Edge Routing at the data center. 

E. Build an overlay MPLS network with Layer 3 VPN. 


Q15. You are asked to design a large campus network that will be using multicast for data transport. Which feature should be enabled at the Layer 2 access edge for host-only ports? 

A. PortFast 

B. BPDU guard 


D. PIM query interval 


Q16. An IBGP mesh design is being scoped, and in the discussions, one of the design engineers proposes the use of route reflectors. Which limitation is valid when using route reflectors in this design? 

A. The configuration complexity on the routers will be increased. 

B. Route reflectors will limit the total number of routes in the topology. 

C. Multipath information is difficult to propagate in a route reflector topology. 

D. Route reflectors will cause an opportunity to create routing loops. 


Q17. You are designing a Group Encrypted Transport Virtual Private Network solution consisting of 30 group members. Which measure helps protect encrypted user traffic from replay attacks? 

A. counter-based anti-replay 

B. time-based anti-replay 

C. nonce payload 

D. RSA-encrypted nonce 

E. digital certificates 


Q18. You are designing the QoS features for a large enterprise network that includes DMVPN. When would you need to configure QoS preclassify? 

A. when you are marking packets with the DSCP bits 

B. when you are marking packets with the TOS bits 

C. when your service provider requires the DSCP bits be set 

D. when the QoS policy cannot be based on DSCP ToS bits 


Q19. Acme Corporation wants to minimize the risk of users plugging unauthorized switches and hubs into the network. Which two features can be used on the LAN access ports to support this design requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. BPDU Guard 

B. PortFast 

C. Loop Guard 

D. Port Security 


Answer: AD 

Q20. You are designing a network to support data, voice and video. Which two main factors will you address to improve network convergence? (Choose two.) 

A. event propagation delay 

B. failure detection delay 

C. forwarding engine update delay 

D. routing table recalculation delay 

Answer: BD