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Q21. Refer to the exhibit. 

In this design, which technology would provide for the best use of resources to provide end-to-end Layer 2 connectivity? 


B. PAgP 

C. Multichassis EtherChannel 



Q22. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which two options provide the best loop protection in this topology, regardless of a bridged domain configuration? (Choose two.) 

A. PVRSTP on all switches 

B. REP on all switches 

C. MST on all switches 

D. BPDU guard on Switch A and Switch D 

E. 8032 on ring A-B-C-D 

Answer: BE 

Q23. Refer to the exhibit. 

An enterprise is migrating its single-area OSPF network from a Frame Relay WAN service to an MPLS L3VPN service. Frame Relay will remain in only a few sites that require increased resiliency via two different WAN connections. 

Which feature could be used in the ?MPLS VPN service provider network to support the design requirement by ensuring that during normal operation, intersite traffic will only use the MPLS VPN service and not the old Frame Relay service? 

A. virtual links 

B. sham links 

C. multiple stub areas 

D. super backbone 


Q24. You are designing a solution to eliminate the risk of high CPU utilization on a core network composed of CRS-1 devices. Which option would eliminate the risk of high CPU utilization across the network? 

A. Use Local Packet Transport Services (LPTS) to manage hardware SNMP flow rate. 

B. Use the in-band control plane policy feature to reduce the SNMP flow rate. 

C. Use the control plane policy feature and reduce SNMP flow rate. 

D. Use control-plane management-plane in-band and reduce the SNMP flow rate. 

E. Use the control-plane management-plane out-of-band feature to reduce the SNMP flow rate. 


Q25. In a redesign of a multiple-area network, it is recommended that summarization is to be implemented. For redundancy requirements, summarization is done at multiple locations for each summary. Some customers now complain of higher latency and performance issues for a server hosted in the summarized area. What design issues should be considered when creating the summarization? 

A. Summarization adds CPU overhead on the routers sourcing the summarized advertisement. 

B. Summarization prevents the visibility of the metric to the component subnets. 

C. Summarization creates routing loops. 

D. Summarization causes packet loss when RPF is enabled. 


Q26. Refer to the exhibit. 

In the DWDM network, a ring topology carries multiple services between two sites. Which option describes the employed protection design? 

A. Y-cable protection 

B. Splitter protection 

C. Client protection 


E. FEC protection 


Q27. When creating a network design, which one of these options provides for basic Layer 2 client isolation to prevent broadcast traffic exposure? 



C. routed port 

D. edge port 


Q28. A designer is working with a large bank to redesign their network. The designer wants to minimize complaints regarding slow application response times across the WAN. It is suspected that currently traffic is not being classified and marked correctly somewhere in the network. Which tool should the designer recommend to validate quality of service mappings and use? 




D. protocol analyzer 



Q29. You are designing a NAC OOB Layer 3 Real-IP Gateway deployment for a customer. Which VLAN must be trunked back to the Clean Access Server from the access switch? 

A. untrusted VLAN 

B. user VLAN 

C. management VLAN 

D. authentication VLAN 


Q30. A network design shows two routers directly connected to an Ethernet switch using optical connections. There is an OSPF adjacency between the routers. In this design, which solution will ensure that interface down detection is reported as quickly as possible to the IGP? 

A. optimized OSPF SPF timers 

B. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection 

C. automatic protection switching 

D. optimized OSPF LSA timers 

E. Ethernet OAM CFM monitoring