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2021 Mar 400-051 test

Q1. Which definition is included in a Cisco UC on UCS TRC? 

A. required RAID configuration, when the TRC uses direct-attached storage 

B. configuration of virtual-to-physical network interface mapping 

C. step-by-step procedures for hardware BIOS, firmware, drivers, and RAID setup 

D. configuration settings and patch recommendations for VMware software 

E. server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) by name only; part numbers are not included because they change over time 


Q2. Refer to the exhibit. 

A user is going through a series of dialing steps on a SIP Type B IP phone to call a SCCP IP phone. Both phones are registered to the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. Assume that the calling SIP phone is associated with a SIP dial rule with a pattern value of "2001". 

Which statement about how digits are forwarded to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager for further call processing is true? 

A. As each digit is pressed on the SIP IP phone, it is sent to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a SIP NOTIFY message as a KPML event. 

B. The SIP IP phone waits for the inter-digit timer expiry and then sends each digit to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager as a separate KPML event in a SIP NOTIFY message. 

C. As soon as the user selects the Dial soft key, the SIP IP phone forwards all digits to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a SIP INVITE message. 

D. As soon as the Dial soft key is selected, the SIP IP phone forwards the first digit in a SIP INVITE and the subsequent digits in SIP INFORMATION messages. 

E. The SIP IP phone waits for the inter-digit timer expiry, and then sends all digits to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in a SIP INVITE message. 


Q3. Which two SCCP call signaling messages are sent by an IP phone to Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 

A. SoftKeyEvent 

B. OpenReceiveChannelAck 

C. StartMediaTransmission 

D. SelectSoftKeys 

E. CloseReceiveChannel 

F. StopTone 

Answer: AB 

Q4. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many simultaneous inbound calls can be handled by these two IP phones? 

A. 2 

B. 4 

C. 6 

D. 9 

E. 10 


Q5. Which two SDP content headers can be found in a SIP INVITE message? (Choose two.) 

A. Expires 

B. Contact 

C. Connection Info 

D. Media Attributes 

E. Allow 

F. CSeq 

Answer: CD 

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Q6. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express ephone button configuration separator enables overflow lines when the primary line for an overlay button is occupied by an active call? 

A. o 

B. c 

C. w 

D. x 

E. : 


Q7. Which option is a characteristic of the Enhanced Location Call Admission Control mechanism on Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. It accounts for network protocol rerouting. 

B. It accounts for network downtime and failures. 

C. It supports dynamic bandwidth adjustments based on WAN topology changes. 

D. It supports asymmetric media flows such that different bit rates in each direction are deducted accordingly. 

E. Unidirectional media flows are deducted as if they were bidirectional. 


Q8. Which two SCCP call signaling messages are initiated by Cisco Unified Communications Manager to an IP phone? (Choose two.) 

A. SoftKeyEvent 

B. CloseReceiveChannelAck 

C. CallState 

D. KeypadButton 

E. OpenReceiveChannel 

F. Offhook 

Answer: CE 

Q9. Which SIP request method enables reliability of SIP 1xx response types? 







Q10. To which SIP response class do the SIP response codes 300 to 399 belong? 

A. Provisional 

B. Client Failure 

C. Server Failure 

D. Successful 

E. Redirection