400-051 vce(91 to 100) for candidates: Jun 2017 Edition

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Q91. What does a comma accomplish when it is used in a SIP Dial Rule pattern that is associated with a Cisco 9971 IP Phone that is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager? 

A. It inserts a 500-millisecond pause between digits. 

B. It causes the phone to generate a secondary dial tone. 

C. It is a delimiter and has no significant dialing impact. 

D. It indicates a timeout value of 5000 milliseconds. 

E. It is an obsolete parameter and will be ignored. 


Q92. Which statement describes a disadvantage of using the Cisco TFTP service to serve IP phone load files? 

A. The Cisco TFTP services can run on only one Cisco Unified Communications Manager server in a cluster. 

B. Because TFTP operates on top of UDP, there is a high risk of corrupted load file delivery at the completion of the TFTP process due to undetected data loss in the network. 

C. If a response is not received in the timeout period, the TFTP server will not resend the data packet. 

D. Packet loss can significantly increase the TFTP session completion time. 

E. Because TFTP operates with an adaptive timeout period, the time to complete the file transfer is unpredictable. 


Q93. What is the name of the logical channel proposal that is transmitted from the called entity to the calling entity in H.323 Fast Connect? 

A. Forward Logical Channel 

B. Backward Logical Channel 

C. Reverse Logical Channel 

D. Originator Logical Channel 

E. Destination Logical Channel 


Q94. Which statement about a virtual SNR DN-configured Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express-enabled Cisco IOS router is true? 

A. Virtual SNR DN supports either SCCP or SIP IP phone DNs. 

B. A virtual SNR DN is a DN that is associated with multiple registered IP phones. 

C. Calls in progress can be pulled back from the phone that is associated with the virtual SNR DN. 

D. The SNR feature can only be invoked if the virtual SNR DN is associated with at least one registered IP phone. 

E. A call that arrived before a virtual SNR DN is associated with a registered phone, and still exists after association is made, but cannot be answered from the phone. 


Q95. When neither the active or standby Location Bandwidth Manager in the configured LBM group is available, what will the Cisco CallManager service on a subscriber Cisco Unified Communications Manager server do to make location CAC decisions? 

A. It will attempt to communicate with the first configured member in the Location Bandwidth Manager hub group. 

B. It will use the Call Treatment When No LBM Available service parameter with the default action to allow calls. 

C. It will use the Call Treatment When No LBM Available service parameter with the default action to reject calls. 

D. It will attempt to communicate with the local LBM service for location CAC decisions. 

E. It will allow all calls until communication is reestablished with any configured servers in the LBM group. 


Q96. Which statement describes the question mark wildcard character in a SIP trigger that is configured on Cisco Unity Express? 

A. It matches any single digit in the range 0 through 9. 

B. It matches one or more digits in the range 0 through 9. 

C. It matches zero or more occurrences of the preceding digit or wildcard value. 

D. It matches one or more occurrences of the preceding digit or wildcard value. 

E. It matches any single digit in the range 0 through 9, when used within square brackets. 


Q97. Refer to the exhibit. 

This output was captured on a Cisco IOS gateway shortly after it became the active Cisco Unified Border Element in a box-to-box redundancy failover. 

How many calls are native to this Cisco Unified Border Element? 

A. 9 

B. 12 

C. 19 

D. 31 

E. 40 


Q98. According to ITU-T E.164 recommendations, which two fields in the National Significant Number code may be further subdivided? (Choose two.) 

A. Country Code 

B. National Destination Code 

C. Subscriber Number 

D. Regional Significant Number 

E. Local User Code 

F. National Numbering Plan 

Answer: BC 

Q99. Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express script media step can invoke a VXML application to retrieve and play prompts on-demand from an off-box location? 

A. Play Prompt step 

B. Voice Browser step 

C. Menu step 

D. Recording step 

E. Simple Recognition step 


Q100. What is the minimum number of TCP sessions needed to complete a H.323 call between two H.323 gateways using slow start? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 

E. 4