ccie 400 101 [Dec 2021]

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 6 - Question 15)

New Questions 6

You are performing a system diagnostics on a CSU in local loop mode and notice that the mineseen counter has failed to increment. Which type of problem does this behavior indicate?

A. a cabling problem

B. an encoding problem

C. a framing problem

D. a timing problem

Answer: D

New Questions 7

Refer to exhibit.

Which two possible network conditions can you infer from this configuration? (Choose two)

A. R2 is configured as the NTP master with a stratum of 7

B. R1 is using the default NTP source configuration

C. The authentication parameters on R1 and R2 mismatched.

D. RI and R2 have established an NTP session

Answer: B,C

New Questions 8

Which type of ACL can be applied only to Layer 2 ports?

A. portACLs

B. standard ACLs

C. reflexive ACLs

D. dynamic ACLs


Answer: A

New Questions 9

When you cpnfigure an IPv6 IPSec tunnel which two fields can represent the ISAKMP identity of a peer?(Choose Jwo)

A. encryption algorithm

B. DH group identifier

C. hostname

D. IPv6 address

Answer: C,D

New Questions 10

If the default-information originate always command is configured on R4 what route type is assigned to the default route in R1's

A. O

B. E2


D. E1

Answer: C

New Questions 11

Which Cisco PfR monitoring mode is recommended for Internet edge deployments?

A. active mode

B. fast mode

C. active throughput mode

D. passive mode

Answer: D

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit .

Which action can you take to prevent loops and suboptimal routing on this network?

A. Configure the rfc2328compatibility command under the Cisco IOS OSPF routing process only

B. Configure the rfc2328compatibility command under the Cisco IOS OSPF NX-OS routing process only

C. Configure the ref1583compatibility command under the Cisco NX-OS OSPF routing process only

D. Configure the ref1583compatibility command under the Cisco IOS OSPF routing process only

E. Configure the rfc2328compatibility command Cisco IOS and NX-OS OSPF routing processes

F. Configure the rfc2328compatibility command under the Cisco IOS and NX-OS OSPF routing

Answer: C

New Questions 13


Refer to the exhibit. If a console port is configured as shown, which response is displayed when you connect to the console port?

A. the message "Authorized users only"

B. the username prompt

C. a blinking cursor.

D. three username name prompts followed by a timeout message.

E. the message "Connection refused."

Answer: C

New Questions 14

What is used to acknowledge the receipt of LSPs on a point-to-point network in IS-IS?

A. hello





Answer: C

New Questions 15

What command can you enter to enable client autoconfiguration over an ISATAP tunnel?

A. tunnel mode ipv6ip isatap

B. no ipv6 nd ra suppress

C. ipv6 nd ra suppress

D. tunnel mode ipv6ip 6rd

Answer: B

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