A Review Of Precise 400-201 answers

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2021 Mar 400-201 book

Q101. Refer to the exhibit. The referenced TE tunnels compete for bandwidth requirements over the limited available bandwidth that is provisioned. Which core MPLS component erases a conflict and provides admission control for any new added TE tunnel? 

A. link management 

B. link attributes 

C. MPLS TE priorities 



Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/sw/5_x/nx-os/mpls/configuration/guide/mpls_cg/mp_te_RSVP.pdf 

Q102. In which three ways do PE routers manage multiple customers in MPLS VRF environments? (Choose three.) 

A. Route targets are configured that allow the PE to uniquely identify the customer routes in MP-BGP 

B. PE routers use route distinguishers to tag routes for importing and exporting into customer VRFs. 

C. PE routers use PE-CE routing protocols to manage routing with client VRF devices. 

D. PE routers use route targets to tag routes for importing and exporting into customer VRFs. 

E. Route distinguishes are configured that allow the PE to uniquely identify the customer routes in MP-BGP. 

F. PE routers use PE-PE routing protocols to manage routing with client VRF devices. 

Answer: C,D,E 


Drag and drop the OAM protocol listed on the left to the correct standard on the right. Not all options will be used. 



Drag and drop the subslot of the SIP-800 card that is used on Cisco CRS routers on the left to the correct PUM ASIC process on the right. 


Q105. Which two statements about Unified MPLS are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Unified MPLS works on Cisco IOS XR Software only. 

B. Unified MPLS extends MPLS across multidomain networks in a scalable manner. 

C. New technologies or protocols are not used; only MPLS, LDP, IGP, and BGP are used. 

D. ABR loopback prefixes should always be redistributed from the core IGP into the aggregation IGP. 

E. The RRs are part of the control path only. 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/multiprotocol-label-switching-mpls/mpls/116127-configure-technology-00.pdf 

Renew 400-201 simulations:

Q106. Refer to the exhibit. R2 and R3 cannot install IS-IS IPv6 routes. What is the root cause? 

A. R2 is missing the metric-style wide command under the IS-IS process. 

B. R3 is missing the multi-topology transition command under the IS-IS address-family IPv6 process. 

C. R2 is missing the multi-topology command under the IS-IS address-family IPv6 process. 

D. R3 is missing the metric-style wide command under the IS-IS process. 


Q107. Which is the main characteristic of LTE architecture compared to other mobile architectures? 

A. Provides supports to deploy Layer 3 MPLS VPN model, where other mobile architectures do not support. 

B. Offers node redundancy with the static route configured on the IP NodeB using the HSRP/VRRP virtual ip address. 

C. Provides a simpler, less hierarchical model with the capability of simplistically distributing the core gateways. 

D. Introduces a hierarchical model with connection-oriented service requirements and one-to-one relationships. 


Explanation: https://books.google.co.in/books?id=-fyjBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA50&lpg=PA50&dq=LTE+Provides+a+simpler,+less+hierarchical+mo del+with+the+capability+of+simplistically+distributing+the+core+gateways.&source=bl&ots =Bwpk3CQ_jN&sig=2-kgrCA_7hEX3kuvSxWVV2AnAS0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChMI_5La8tbCx wIVgZ6OCh1N7gHa#v=onepage&q=LTE%20Provides%20a%20simpler%2C%20less%20 hierarchical%20model%20with%20the%20capability%20of%20simplistically%20distributing %20the%20core%20gateways.&f=false 

Q108. An operations engineer wants to manually optimize the MPLS Traffic Engineering tunnels. Which Cisco IOS EXEC command should the engineer apply? 

A. tunnel mpls traffic-eng autoroute destination 

B. tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option lowest _number dynamic 

C. mpls traffic-eng reoptimize lockdown 

D. mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact 

E. mpls traffic-eng reoptimize 


Q109. Which are the four main functions of the Cisco IOS XR System Manager? (Choose four) 

A. performs system monitoring 

B. is the main IOS XR component for device drivers and software installation management 

C. starts, restarts, and terminates processes in response to user configuration or RP failover 

D. is responsible for the message-passing "bus" for interprocess communication 

E. acts as a central repository for all process-related information 

F. performs health checks 

G. initiates disaster recovery based on the process health 

H. invokes a dumper to collect a core dump when a process terminates abnormally 

Answer: C,E,G,H 

Q110. In an end-to-end Layer 2 service, which technology provides the capability to detect, verify, isolate, and report faults across a provider network? 

A. carrier detect