Most recent 70-685: Ucertify real practice exam from 1 to 10

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Q1. The help desk reports that users receive a security warning message when they try to access the internal Web site shown in the exhibit:

The help desk confirms that users never received this security warning message before.

You need to provide a solution to prevent users from receiving the security warning when they try to access the internal Web site.

What should you do?





Answer: C

Q9. All client computers on your company network run Windows 7. Your company has a Windows Server2008 domain.

You plan to use Group Policy to enable BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE).

You need to ensure that the following requirements are met:

     All BitLocker recovery keys are stored in a central location.

     Data is encrypted only after a backup of the recovery key is available.

What should you do?

A. Run the manage-bde -on -ForceRecovery command.

B. Enable the Choose default folder for recovery password setting.

C. Enable the Store BitLocker recovery information in Active Directory Domain Services setting.

D. Enable the Choose how users can recover BitLocker encrypted drives setting. Set the 256-bit recovery key to Require recovery password.

Answer: C

Q10. A user's computer fails. The help desk provides the user with a new computer. The user's Documents folder is restored from the backup.

The user reports that he can no longer access his encrypted files. The help desk recovers the files by using a data recovery agent (DRA).

You need to ensure that when users receive new computers, they can access their encrypted files without administrative intervention.

What should you request?

A. credential roaming be enabled

B. BitLocker be enabled on all computers

C. user accounts be trusted for delegation

D. the CA be configured for key archival and recovery

Answer: A