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Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response time guidelines for uncached HTML requests?

  • A. 30% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • B. 20% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 1 second
  • C. 70% of the request for pages should have a response in less than 100ms
  • D. No pages should respond slower than an elapsed period of 500ms

Answer: C

Which AEM solution can leverage artificial intelligence to automatically apply metadata?

  • A. AEM Content Services
  • B. AEM Livefyre
  • C. AEM Screens
  • D. AEM Assets

Answer: D

A client has a native iOS application that they do not want to change. What is the recommended architecture to configure AEM to allow the application to ingest content?

  • A. Place the content in content fragments and use content services
  • B. Place the content in experience fragments and use content services
  • C. Construct a document in Forms and use content services
  • D. Use the built-in workflow to export JSON and use content services

Answer: B

You want to create a grouping of all the assets under a specific category that are contained in various location across the DAM. What is the best way to achieve this?

  • A. Use the Dropzone feature
  • B. Use static
  • C. Use Smart collections
  • D. Use static references to folders

Answer: C

A company foresees the structure of page templates will change frequently for its pages. Why is it important to use editable templates instead of static templates?

  • A. Allows you to add initial components to existing pages
  • B. The Column Control component is only available for editable templates
  • C. Editable templates are replicated faster to a publish server
  • D. A dynamic connection is maintained between the page and the template on existing pages

Answer: D

A developer plans to use the Text component on its pages. However, the out of the box (OOTB) Text component does not allow authors to edit HTML source on the component. How should the developer support HTML source editing?

  • A. Edit the OOTD Text component directly to enable sourceedit Rich-Text Editor (RTE) plugin
  • B. Create a standalone custom Text component and handle HTML source in Sightly
  • C. Create a new clientlib to programmatically handle HTML source in authoring
  • D. Extend the OOTB Text component and enable the sourceedit Rich-Text Editor (RTE) plugin

Answer: A

Developers implement a home page that seems to render slowly. What feature does AEM provide to measure the time it takes for a page to render?

  • A. Set the dispatcher to optimization mode and review the outputs
  • B. Run the recommendation report to check the load time of the page
  • C. Use the page timer feature to generate a CSV file containing the page render speed
  • D. Use the developer mode to observe computational time needed to render all components

Answer: D

When should you use a closed user group?

  • A. When you want to allow only a subset of authors to edit tags
  • B. When you want to restrict access to content on an author server
  • C. When you want to restrict access to published content
  • D. When you want to restrict access to a specific team for an AEM Project

Answer: C

What can be done to obtain a better bounce rate for your site? Select two.

  • A. Use Adobe Target A/B testing to determine the best performing version of your pages
  • B. Run reports on AEM Communicates to get user sentiment from social media
  • C. Use AEM Projects to communicate with your end-users
  • D. Use AEM Asset Insights to capture activity details and make data-driven

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which is an AEM page mode?
AD0-E102 dumps exhibit

  • A. Timewarp
  • B. Publish
  • C. Deploy
  • D. Review

Answer: A

You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues. What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two.

  • A. Do you intend to use Creative Cloud Integration?
  • B. What is the typical network connectivity for users accessing AEM?
  • C. What hours are considered “off-peak” for your content authors?
  • D. What are the types of assets to be migrated?
  • E. Do you have asset review/approval workflows?

Answer: BC

You need to create a large set of pages that share the same content structure but have different content. What is the best approach to create this large set of same structured pages?

  • A. Use Projects
  • B. Use an Editable Template
  • C. Use Workflows
  • D. Use Targeting mode

Answer: B

How can an author determine the number of Language Copies for a given page?

  • A. The Language Copies will be displayed in the page properties
  • B. The Language Copies will be displayed in the Filters section
  • C. The Language Copies will be displayed in References section
  • D. The Language Copies will be displayed in Manage Publications

Answer: C

Given that your company has a team of creative content creators for your AEM managed website, which is true for managing images and videos?

  • A. You should use Sensei to store the assets to the correct DAM folder
  • B. You should use AEM Forms to create an asset upload portal
  • C. You should enable the Smart Tagging feature to save time on video tagging
  • D. You should connect AEM to the Creative Cloud

Answer: C

A client is building out their website using several different content pages web specific components to be used on each page. What is the recommended system to restrict components on specific templates?

  • A. Set ACL permissions
  • B. Define components in page properties
  • C. Use content policies
  • D. Use the Responsive Grid Edit dialog

Answer: C

A developer is working on a section of a new content component that has an identical look and behavior to a section of another component within the project’s codebase. According to AEM Best Practices, how should this component be configured?

  • A. The new component should extend an existing component
  • B. The old component should be divided into separate components
  • C. The new component should be built separately
  • D. The existing component should be duplicated

Answer: A

A specific user is encountering an error while editing a page that other authors have not reported. How would you troubleshoot the problem using AEM?

  • A. Use AEM Screens for a screenshare session
  • B. Check the Page timeline
  • C. Impersonate as the user reporting the issue
  • D. Check the Dispatcher

Answer: D


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