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Alarge target population spans multiple age groups. The Business Practitioner needs to create a control group with 10% from each age group.
What is the most efficient method to create the control group?

  • A. Use a query activity to query the target populationand another query activity to obtain the desired control grou
  • B. Then use an exclusion activity to get the exclusive target.
  • C. Modify the target population query to not include the control group.
  • D. Use a query activity to obtain the target population andsend to a split activity to remove each age group with record count limitation set as random.
  • E. Use the out of the box control group functionality with Random Sampling and Data Grouping.

Answer: C

What are two ways to use seeds in a campaign? (Choose two.)

  • A. reply-to address
  • B. content reviewer
  • C. prooftarget
  • D. internal audience

Answer: BC

Why might a Practitioner change the filtering dimension in a query?

  • A. to make the query more efficient
  • B. to specify filtering conditions
  • C. to return records other than Recipients
  • D. to execute a left outer join

Answer: B

On a Friday, A Practitioner decides to send Deliveries on Monday at 8 AM. The deliveries must have the most up-to-date target.
What should the Practitioner configure before starting the campaign workflow?

  • A. extraction date
  • B. contact date
  • C. scheduler
  • D. approval

Answer: B

A workflow supervisors group is assigned to a workflow. In which instance is the workflow supervisors group notified?

  • A. When a workflow deploys
  • B. When a workflow has thrown an error
  • C. When a workflow is taking a long time to run
  • D. When a delivery has changed

Answer: B

Which two tasks can be performed to reduce the probability of adelivery being blocked or flagged as 'spam' by anti-spam tools? (Choose two.)

  • A. Make sure your delivery does not contain only images
  • B. Email content should have both HTML and text parts
  • C. Specify recipient’s name in the greeting
  • D. Specify an English translation for non English mails

Answer: CD

In an email delivery, the Business Practitioner uses conditioned content in the creative that varies by recipient segment.
Which three methods allow the Business Practitioner to send proofs that can be set up to cover all variations in the content? (Choose three.)

  • A. Proof with defined proof target
  • B. Proof with Seed address
  • C. Proof with Substitution of address with a random profile
  • D. Proof with Substitution of address with a fixed profile

Answer: ABC

A practitioner has created anapproval activity in a workflow. The multiple approval option is selected. The approval activity is assigned to a group of two operators. One of the operators approves the request and the other rejects.
Which branch of the approval activity is run?

  • A. TheNo Branch is run.
  • B. Neither Branch is run.
  • C. The Yes Branch is run.
  • D. Both the Yes and No Branch are run.

Answer: C

Which workflow activity should beused to export data?

  • A. Data download
  • B. List update
  • C. Update data
  • D. Data extraction

Answer: D

What should a Practitioner use to add recipients by using the Adobe Campaign client?

  • A. the'Edit' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
  • B. 'Import Package' under 'Tools' drop down menu – Advanced menu option
  • C. the 'Data' tab of the Recipients schema under Administration – Configuration – Data schemas
  • D. the 'Recipients' form under Profiles and Targets – Recipients

Answer: A

During an investigation, a business practitioner modifies workflows properties to keep the results of interim populations between two executions. What is the purpose of this step? (Choose two.)

  • A. To export data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • B. To configure the schema of the data that is passed between two activities in the workflow
  • C. To modify thedata that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • D. To add filtering criteria to data that is being passed between two activities in the workflow
  • E. To save data created with each run of the workflow to a list

Answer: DE

A campaign has been setup with an operator group (with 2 operators) as approvers in the "Approvals" section of the delivery.
What will happen if one of the operators is unavailable to provide approval?

  • A. The input of just the first approver is required in order for the process to continue onto the next activity
  • B. The campaign process will not proceed if both the firstand seconds approvers do not provide inputs before expiry
  • C. The process will continue without approval if one has been provided before expiry
  • D. The process waits indefinitely for inputs from both approvers before moving to the next activity

Answer: B

A Business Practitioner is sending an email to the general public.
How does the Statistic 'Distinct opens for the population reached' compare tothe actual number of recipients that opened the email?

  • A. shows the same number or a higher number
  • B. shows the same number or a lower number
  • C. shows the exact number once the tracking workflow is run
  • D. depends on the deliverability

Answer: A

How isrecurring delivery similar to a continuous delivery?

  • A. Both deliveries append record to the delivery log
  • B. Both deliveries can be sent multiple times
  • C. Both deliveries can be modified in the delivery step
  • D. Both deliveries create new delivery logs

Answer: C

What should a campaign business practitioner add to a workflow that needs an additional data appended to target population?

  • A. Add a listupdate to the workflow
  • B. Add a data import step to the workflow
  • C. Add an enrichment to the workflow
  • D. Add an intersection to the workflow

Answer: B

What are the three possible consequences of choosing and deploying an incorrect campaign template? (Choose three.)

  • A. The campaign template workflow could query incorrect individuals
  • B. The campaign template workflow could send out the wrong type of delivery
  • C. The campaign template could cause problems with reporting
  • D. The campaign template couldsend to individual without a delivery selected

Answer: ABD

Sub-population A of 100 records and B of 200 records are combined in a campaign workflow with a Union activity. The resulting population C contains 200 records.
What should the Practitioner conclude?

  • A. Records in A have been excluded from C.
  • B. All of the records in A are also in B.
  • C. All of the records in B are also in A.
  • D. A and B are mutually exclusive.

Answer: B

What are the three reasons why a campaign manager would reference a deliver audit. (Choose three.)

  • A. The manager could find out if the delivery isblocked on a particular operating system
  • B. The manager could see if typology rules were applied
  • C. The manager could find out how many recipients were excluded
  • D. The manager could see how long the delivery is taking to process

Answer: ACD

A campaign business practitioner is monitoring a delivery during its analysis. The campaign business practitioner notes that the audit has indicated two items with a warning. What happen with the delivery because of the warning?

  • A. The delivery generates an error and does NOT deploy
  • B. The delivery generates an error and at the end of the analysis but deploys the email
  • C. The delivery deploys the email
  • D. The delivery generates an error but does NOT deploy

Answer: C

A campaign is sent past the end date. What is the result?

  • A. The campaign does not execute past the end date
  • B. The campaign sends as usual
  • C. The campaign prompts for anupdate end date.
  • D. The campaign continues to send with outdated datA.

Answer: C


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