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What properly needs to be set in a BOM Configuration file to ignore elements present in the BOM class but missing from the XOM?

  • A. ignore.MissingXomElement
  • B. update.ignoreDifferences
  • C. update.ignoreMissingXomElement
  • D. update.ignoreMissingBomElement

Answer: A

How would the following business policy be classified? The vehicle usage MUST NOT BE Commercial

  • A. Calculation
  • B. Constraint
  • C. Guideline
  • D. Inference

Answer: C

Which statement is true if a ruleset's XOM is based on an XML schema (.xsd file)?

  • A. The RuleApp can only be deployed from Rule Designer.
  • B. A managed XOM must be deployed to execute the ruleset.
  • C. The XOM can only be deployed by using the Rule Execution Server console.
  • D. The XML schema is packaged as a .xom file in the ruleset archive and deployed with the RuleAp

Answer: C

What is the purpose of a RuleApp?

  • A. A RuleApp is a deployable management unit.
  • B. A RuleApp is the entry point for clients to access the business logic.
  • C. A RuleApp contains a single executable ruleset.
  • D. A RuleApp includes all that is needed by a single decision operatio

Answer: C

Which statement describes the primary role of a developer in the discovery and analysis phase of a project?

  • A. Developers develop rules to produce an initial ruleset and object model.
  • B. Developers do not participate in discovery and analysis tasks.
  • C. Developers review the rule design document to confirm that terms used in the rules match the execution object model.
  • D. Developers work with business analysts to identify decision points in the business models and document the decision points table.

Answer: A

The screenshot below describes permissions granted to the group "Eligibility"
C1000-010 dumps exhibit
Which two statements are true about a user in the group "Eligibility"?

  • A. The user can view Queries.
  • B. The user can view Ruleflows.
  • C. The user can create Action Rules.
  • D. The user can update Action Rules.
  • E. The user can create Decision Table

Answer: BD

What is the IlrJMXRuleAppMBean API used for?

  • A. To manage ruleapp project
  • B. To manage ruleset resources
  • C. To create, list, and remove RuIeApps (name and version)
  • D. To create, list, and remove rulesets (name and version)

Answer: D

An application developer has changed the Java XOM. The developer then tries to update the BOM but no differences appear.
What are two reasons this could happen? (Select two.)

  • A. A member in the Java XOM was deleted.
  • B. A member in the Java XOM was annotated as ¬©Deprecated.
  • C. Only the content of a method(s) in the Java XOM were changed.
  • D. A @NotBusiness annotation was added to a member of the Java XOM.
  • E. An additional optional parameter was added to a method{s) in the Java XO

Answer: BE

How many business rules are captured in the decision table below where the Customer Status and Purchase Amount are condition columns?
C1000-010 dumps exhibit

  • A. 4
  • B. 6
  • C. 7
  • D. 8

Answer: A

For a request, which object is used for a Java execution of a Rule session?

  • A. IIrRequest
  • B. rule Request
  • C. restAPIRequest
  • D. IIrSessionRequest

Answer: A

How can the state of a decision service branch be captured in Decision Center at a specific moment in time?

  • A. By creating a new release
  • B. By creating a snapshot from Business Console
  • C. By creating a sub-branch from Business Console
  • D. By creating a baseline from Enterprise Console

Answer: B

After a decision service is implemented in the Rule Designer, a developer would like to analyze the rule artifacts in the rule project by creating a query in the fijle project. Which element can be found by the query?

  • A. Function
  • B. Rule task
  • C. Parameter
  • D. XOM class

Answer: B

An application developer notices that a class in the Java Execution Object Model (XOM) contains a number of methods that should not be imported into the Business Object Model (BOM). How should the application developer annotate the XOM to filter the methods that should not be imported into the BOM?

  • A. Add the @NotBusiness annotation.
  • B. Add the @BusinessType annotation and specify null as the business type.
  • C. Add the @BusinessName annotation and do not specify a value for the annotation.
  • D. Add the @ Custom Property annotation and set name of the property as import and value as fals

Answer: C

Which statement is true of a rule project that has multiple BOM entries referenced and some of them have the same element name?

  • A. There cannot be multiple BOM entries referenced to rule projects.
  • B. Rule Designer will show the error of having same element name already exists.
  • C. If there are several BOM entries, an element in the first BOM entry in the path overrides any other element with the same name in the other BOM entries
  • D. If there are several BOM entries with same element name, then the order of runtime appearance has to be set or else it will not allow the project to be saved.

Answer: B

Capturing business rules involves which step?

  • A. Orchestrating business rules in a ruleflow.
  • B. Using ruleset parameters to transfer information.
  • C. Representing the business policy as if-then statements.
  • D. Packaging business logic in application code as decision servic

Answer: B

Which one of the proposals is possible using the HTDS REST?

  • A. Filter code from the WADL
  • B. Inline XSDs files in the WADL
  • C. Outline XSDs files in the WADL
  • D. Query certain elements in the WADL

Answer: A

Ruleset parameters can be defined for a ruleset or decision service, and the parameters can have different directions such as IN, OUT, or IN_OUT. If the decision service being invoked includes all three different types of parameters, which statement is true?

  • A. Only the input parameter needs to be provided in the request.
  • B. Only the input-output parameter need to be provided in the request.
  • C. Both output and input-output parameters need to be provided in the request.
  • D. Both input and input-output parameters have to be provided in the reques

Answer: C

How are objects removed from working memory?

  • A. clearObject ()
  • B. removeobject()
  • C. delete statement
  • D. retract statement

Answer: C

What is one migration task a developer needs to perform when migrating a legacy business rules application to the latest version of the product?

  • A. Migrate existing TestSuite files.
  • B. Migrate the XOM to include business annotations.
  • C. Migrate existing B2X code from IRL to supported ARL.
  • D. Update existing web service clients from JSON to XM

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the Decision Warehouse?

  • A. To store all deployed rulesets
  • B. To store all meta data about deployed rulesets
  • C. To store execution traces to monitor ruleset execution
  • D. To store historical changes made to rule projects so previous versions can be restored

Answer: D

How can a developer help the business users to author rules in a way that improves performance?

  • A. Rewrite complex BAL rules as technical rules.
  • B. The way in which rules are written have no impact on performance.
  • C. Modify the BOM to remove the {this} placeholder to make the rules less verbose.
  • D. Make sure that conditions that test a collection of objects come before simpler conditions, to reduce the number of objects that later conditions in the rule must test.

Answer: D

A customer has an online and batch processing application. The batch process can be executed multiple times during the day on demand and can overlap the online application. RuleApps and rulesets are the same across online and batch. The batch application also manages big batches with high throughput.
How can this application be architected to address these requirements?

  • A. - Use an embedded approach for the online application and batch application to address the high throughput and change the execution units to file persistence to simplify the deployment.
  • B. - Separate infrastructure from online to batch, each one configured in a separate cluster.- Configure a ruleset interceptor to route the workload between online application execution units and batch execution units.
  • C. - Configure 2 clusters in the same cell where the online application is running: one cluster for the online application and a second cluster for the batch process.- Configure the Rule Execution Server console outside of the 2 clusters to share the RuleApps across the online and batch application.
  • D. - Use separate infrastructure for online and batch processing.- Use managed approach with a centralized Rule Execution Server for online.- Configure a set of J2SE RuIeApp clients to run in parallel and distribute the batch workload.- Change the Rule Execution Server and XU notification mechanism to TCP/IP to use the same deployed RuleApps for both the batch and online application.

Answer: D

When configuring Decision Server Rules on WebSphere Liberty Profile, which archive needs to be deployed on the application server in order to enable hosted transparent decision services?

  • A. DSService war
  • B. HdtsService.war
  • C. DecisionRunner.war
  • D. DecisionService.war

Answer: A

A company wants to use ODM rules for a graphical user interface (GUI) validation. They want to use rules to validate forms filled out by customers. The rules would validate user input and answers to the questions. The users must have the ability to navigate the website while waiting for the ODM response. What implementation should they use?

  • A. Implement a REST rule service in the XML format.
  • B. Implement a HTDS rule session to handle the request and response web service call.
  • C. Use an EJB rule session to handle changing the state of objects in working memory.
  • D. Use an asynchronous ruleset execution and an observer to end the execution or catch an exception on failur

Answer: A


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