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New CompTIA CAS-002 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

An international shipping company discovered that deliveries left idle are being tampered with. The company wants to reduce the idle time associated with international deliveries by ensuring that personnel are automatically notified when an inbound delivery arrives at the transit dock. Which of the following should be implemented to help the company increase the security posture of its operations?

A. Back office database

B. Asset tracking

C. Geo-fencing

D. Barcode scanner

Answer: C

Topic 3, Volume C

New Questions 3

Company XYZ provides cable television service to several regional areas. They are currently installing fiber-to-the-home in many areas with hopes of also providing telephone and Internet services. The telephone and Internet services portions of the company will each be separate subsidiaries of the parent company. The board of directors wishes to keep the subsidiaries separate from the parent company. However all three companies must share customer data for the purposes of accounting, billing, and customer authentication. The solution must use open standards, and be simple and seamless for customers, while only sharing minimal data between the companies. Which of the following solutions is BEST suited for this scenario?

A. The companies should federate, with the parent becoming the SP, and the subsidiaries becoming an IdP.

B. The companies should federate, with the parent becoming the IdP, and the subsidiaries becoming an SSP.

C. The companies should federate, with the parent becoming the IdP, and the subsidiaries becoming an SP.

D. The companies should federate, with the parent becoming the ASP, and the subsidiaries becoming an IdP.

Answer: C

New Questions 4


Answer: any 3389 any

New Questions 5

A systems administrator establishes a CIFS share on a Unix device to share data to windows systems. The security authentication on the windows domain is set to the highest level. Windows users are stating that they cannot authenticate to the Unix share. Which of the following settings on the Unix server is the cause of this problem?

A. Refuse LM and only accept NTLMv2

B. Accept only LM

C. Refuse NTLMv2 and accept LM

D. Accept only NTLM

Answer: A

New Questions 6

A security administrator wants to verify and improve the security of a business process which is tied to proven company workflow. The security administrator was able to improve security by applying controls that were defined by the newly released company security standard. Such controls included code improvement, transport encryption, and interface restrictions. Which of the following can the security administrator do to further increase security after having exhausted all the technical controls dictated by the companyu2019s security standard?

A. Modify the company standard to account for higher security and meet with upper management for approval to implement the new standard.

B. Conduct a gap analysis and recommend appropriate non-technical mitigating controls, and incorporate the new controls into the standard.

C. Conduct a risk analysis on all current controls, and recommend appropriate mechanisms to increase overall security.

D. Modify the company policy to account for higher security, adapt the standard accordingly, and implement new technical controls.

Answer: B

New Questions 7

A Physical Security Manager is ready to replace all 50 analog surveillance cameras with IP cameras with built-in web management. The Security Manager has several security guard desks on different networks that must be able to view the cameras without unauthorized people viewing the video as well. The selected IP camera vendor does not have the ability to authenticate users at the camera level. Which of the following should the Security Manager suggest to BEST secure this environment?

A. Create an IP camera network and deploy NIPS to prevent unauthorized access.

B. Create an IP camera network and only allow SSL access to the cameras.

C. Create an IP camera network and deploy a proxy to authenticate users prior to accessing the cameras.

D. Create an IP camera network and restrict access to cameras from a single management host.

Answer: C

New Questions 8

The VoIP administrator starts receiving reports that users are having problems placing phone calls. The VoIP administrator cannot determine the issue, and asks the security administrator for help. The security administrator reviews the switch interfaces and does not see an excessive amount of network traffic on the voice network. Using a protocol analyzer, the security administrator does see an excessive number of SIP INVITE packets destined for the SIP proxy. Based on the information given, which of the following types of attacks is underway and how can it be remediated?

A. Man in the middle attack; install an IPS in front of SIP proxy.

B. Man in the middle attack; use 802.1x to secure voice VLAN.

C. Denial of Service; switch to more secure H.323 protocol.

D. Denial of Service; use rate limiting to limit traffic.

Answer: D

New Questions 9

Continuous monitoring is a popular risk reduction technique in many large organizations with formal certification processes for IT projects. In order to implement continuous monitoring in an effective manner which of the following is correct?

A. Only security related alerts should be forwarded to the network team for resolution.

B. All logs must be centrally managed and access to the logs restricted only to data storage staff.

C. Logging must be set appropriately and alerts delivered to security staff in a timely manner.

D. Critical logs must be monitored hourly and adequate staff must be assigned to the network team.

Answer: C

New Questions 10

In developing a new computing lifecycle process for a large corporation, the security team is developing the process for decommissioning computing equipment. In order to reduce the potential for data leakage, which of the following should the team consider? (Select TWO).

A. Erase all files on drive

B. Install of standard image

C. Remove and hold all drives

D. Physical destruction

E. Drive wipe

Answer: D,E

New Questions 11

A team is established to create a secure connection between software packages in order to list employee's remaining or unused benefits on their paycheck stubs. Which of the following business roles would be MOST effective on this team?

A. Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Programmers

B. Network Administrator, Emergency Response Team, Human Resources

C. Finance Officer, Human Resources, Security Administrator

D. Database Administrator, Facilities Manager, Physical Security Manager

Answer: C

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